548th People

Mitch Catanzaro, TSgt Jan 85-Nov 88, Soviet Far East Branch INOR, Retired USAF as a Major, now briefing the SECDEF. Larry Benson wrote “Quite a ride from 548 RTG 35 years ago. Congratulations. Glad your hard work rewarded.” (Photo courtesy of Mitch Catanzaro)

Doug Fischer receiving award from Col McIntyre (Photo courtesy of Doug Fischer)

Daniel Turgeon, Governor Ariyoshi, Doug Fischer (Photo courtesy of Doug Fischer)

Margaret Schalch, Dick O’Neal, Jim and Lori Belk (Courtesy of Margaret Schalch)

Margaret Schalch and possibly Willie Flavin headed to Korea or back? Seem to have a lot of bags (shopping) (Courtesy of Margaret Schalch)

Margaret Schalch aloha… going away at Honeymoon beach. Elaine Jesperson, Mitch, in the Brooklyn shirt, and Frank Highsmith, can recall the other. (Courtesy of Margaret Schalch)

Margaret Schalch, can’t find my photo with mayor Fassi but have this classic one with Col Benson. (Courtesy of Margaret Schalch)

Margaret Schalch on trip to Japan to brief the JASDF. (Courtesy of Margaret Schalch)

Ronald Young receiving NCO of The Quarter & Governor’s Award from Mayor Frank Fasi and Col Larry Benson in 1986 or 1987 (Photos courtesy of Ronald Young)

Larry Benson: The venerable Frank Fasi, actually the Democratic, Republican and Independent mayor of Honolulu (he could always figure how to get on the ballot and then elected. Never was sure that I got a straight history of how our tradition to get him to present quarterly awards came about, but it was fun! All the best.

Jim Grant:  The tradition may have been started by Ron Markarian when he became 548RTG CC in 1979. When I was there, somebody made an effort to get our photo with the Mayor in the base paper, which unfortunately generated a call from the Hickham base commander’s office suggesting that this ceremony be bumped up to a base level award, not just an annual 548th monopoly. I ignored 3 calls from him, and he finally dropped the issue

Karla Spencer and Joe Lennicx tailgating at Pro Bowl (Photo courtesy of Karl Spencer)

Marianne Chisholm promoted to Sergeant by Col Benson and Phil Olvia. (Photo courtesy of Phil Oliva)

Col Benson and Sgt Papo Cruz receiving AF Commendation Medal), way back in the day, no sign of Gray hair yet (Photo courtesy of Papo Cruz)

Wayne Gass and Phil Oliva, about 1985 (Courtesy of Phil Oliva Facebook)

Phil Oliva raising the flag on the USS Arizona Memorial

June 2021 Rick Batie, then and now (Photo courtesy of Rick’s Facebook page)

Dan Kolcun at the 1988 548th Christmas Party (Photo courtesy of Dan Kolcun FB)

The following unannotated photos were posted on Facebook by Fuzz Mullins, some have people identified by others.

Jim Titsworth, Gene, Will, Tim Green and Willie Flavin
Col Larry Benson and Tani K
Susan Best and Melissa Gorsuch
Willie Flavin and Chief Haga
1st Sgt Bill Janssen, Willie Flavin, Top Chris McGough
Will and Jim James Rees

Halloween was a dress-up occasion for some in the 548th, with Roger Cox (RC1). (Photo courtesy of John Picarina)

548th RTG circa 1991. Col. Herbert Boasso reenlisting SrA Amanda Park. It seems like a lifetime ago.(Photo courtesy of Amanda Park)

Janice Cannon is with James Rees. (Photo courtesy of Janice Cannon)

Lt Col (Retired) Russ Gorrell with grandson at the Smithsonian Museum at Dulles (Photo courtesy of Karla Gorrell)

U.S. Air Force Col. Larry L. Benson, retired, makes brief remarks May 5, standing in front of the newly renamed Larry L. Benson Auditorium in the National Air and Space Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. A handful of people gathered to honor Benson in the Forum outside the auditorium after the original ribbon-cutting ceremony was cancelled in response to physical distancing requirements. Benson spent 14 of his 30 years on active duty here, and another 28 years working for and with NASIC as a civilian and contractor.  (Photo courtesy of NASIC Newsletter)

The following photos were provided by Pete Baker (Bailey) and show various members of the 548th Air Target Materials branch at his 11 February 1968 wedding to his wife Glee.

Rained like hell that day.  SSgt Shockley running with his professional camera. We couldn’t afford  a real set of prints from him. SSgt Delbert Gaylord and Sgt Tom Morris holding the umbrella over Glee. SMSgt Bennie O’Neill waiting for Glee. He graciously ‘gave her away’.

SMSgt O’Neill and Glee waiting at the altar for the other half of the wedding party who were in the back room of Chapel #2 discussing our next round of golf with Father Curran. One of the ushers came to get us saying Glee’s been at the altar for 5 minutes. We never heard the music. But, I heard the music later that day.

Richard D. Lacey, my best man, in the middle, with Sharon Smith, the maid of honor. Sharon worked at the Hickam golf course.

At the NCO Club reception that Glee and I eventually had to pay for. Delbert Gaylord in center and next to him is Larry Harris.

At the reception – MSgt Paul Kehoe facing the camera in the middle. I believe that’s SSgt Frank Marsh with the ultra skinny tie facing sideways.

Col Vandenberg (L), Col Orr (R) welcoming Col Waddle (Courtesy of Ulrich Seike)

Col Waddle, CINCPAC ADM Noel Gaylor, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld during a 1976 visit to the 548 RTG (Courtesy of Ulrich Seike)

David Luke in phone booth out side the 548th wooden barracks which were in the area that is now the inter-island ramp at the airport.  (Photo courtesy of David Luke)

Nate Copeland at 1988 PACAF Talent Competition, Kadena Air Base, Japan (Photo courtesy of Nate Copeland)

Doug Fischer on his light table 1982 (Photo courtesy of Doug Fischer)

Unchi Focus lens 1985  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Ulchi Focus Lens 1985 Rich Laroche  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Ulchi Focus Lens 1985 Paradise Lake  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Ulchi Focus lens 1985 In the barracks at Osan AB Korea George Fite smokin Rich LaRoche and Tani Kennesy  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Ulchi Focus Lens 1985 George Fite  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Tom Russell, Rich Laroche, Bud Williams, Glen Balmforth, Bill Germer. On the Hale Popoki -The Cat House, Hawaii, 1986  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Tom Geaghan, in the barracks, 1978  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Tom Geaghan, 548 RTG Christmas party  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Rich Laroache, 548 RTG Chirstmas party  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Joe Herold and Bill Germer in the barracks. Hickam AFB 1978 or 79  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

In front of Barracks, Hickam AFB, HI. 1978  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Holloween Party 1983  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Hickam Youth festival. Roger Desantis & Ron McKinney. with Roger DeSantis and Ron McKinney.  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Hickam Youth Festival 1983. — with Danielle Garibay, Audelia Batie, Ron McKinney and Rick Batie.  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Hickam AFB 1983 Karla Gorrell Russ Gorrell Cyd Marckmann Chuck Weaver with Karla Gorrell Russ Gorrell Cyd Marckmann and Chuck Weaver.  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Hawaii, Deep Sea Fishing 1980  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Bill Germer on the reel, deep Sea fishing, Hawaii, 1980 — with Pat Murray  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Climbing to the top of Diamond Head Crater in Hawaii — with Joe Herold and Gene Tucker.  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Bob Gallager in Songtan Korea Ulchi Focus Lens 1985.  (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Dave Martin’s aloha party, 1986 (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Bill Germer 1983 with Group Commander. I think I was getting a Commendation Medal. (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

548 RTG Imagery Interpreters circa 1979-80 (Photo Courtesy of Bill Germer Facebook Page)

Pro Bowl Tailgate Party (88?) Bill Janssen and Doug Arnold (Courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Doug Arnold, Col Boasso, new TSgt, with Barb and kids (Courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Doug Arnold going flying on USMC CH-46  (Courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Doug Arnold and Capt Huntley  (Courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Annual Children’s Christmas Party Volunteers picture. Sometime in the mid-80s — with Col Benson, James Wilson, Ildrid Bates, Bill Janssen, and George McGuire  (Courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Barbara Arnold Promotion with Col Alber and Doug  (Courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Barbara Arnold and Mom  (Courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Christmas Party 1988 at Hickam

Mini-Reunion June 2014, Bill Janssen, Jim Paine, Ken Sharkey (Courtesy of Ken Sharkey)

Col Benson presenting Joe Weller with the AF Commendation Medal circa April 1986, after his transfer from Det 4, 9SRW at RAF Mildenhall. Col Benson looks the same, I sure don’t! Joe  (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller)

PACAF Intelligence Awards L-R TSgt Holder, SRA Payne, Capt Lee Hester, MG McInerney, SMSgt Bill Forsyth, MSgt Willie Flavin, TSgt Mark Mizner (Courtesy of Bill Forsyth)

Col Rhode with unidentified General (Photo courtesy of Dave Richards )

Gen Maddux (PACAF Vice Commander), Col Rhode, and Gen John Vogt. (Photo courtesy of Dave Richard, Gen Vogt ID by Tim Benson)

Col Storm Rhode and his Father next to a F-105 Thunerchief (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS receiving medals: Liddell – Col. Storm Rhode – ?- Thompson (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS General Hunter Harris (PACAF Commander) and Col. Storm Rhode (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

Airmen unrecalled name (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

Airmen Bellinger (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

Guard Shack Det One 67 RTS Hickam AFB: Airman Anthony Candido

Guard Shack Det One 67 RTS Hickam Air National Guard Compound Airman Thomas Sutton (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS promotions, Maj Clifford presenting to Airman Sato, Lakner and Pebbles

548 RTS promotion, Maj Clifford presenting to Airman Roy Bitz. Notice the 548 RTS flag (Unofficial, not approved by the Air Force) and unofficial patch “seeing thru the bamboo curtain” (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

The below photos and captions are from the 548th Facebook:

Tom Mangum was one of the Data Management Division’s MODS Gurus

The fabulous Derek Wilcox and Roger, There is no such thing as the Mafia, DeSantis.

Susan Best, Barbie Martinez, Kim Deitke

Sue and William Germer dressed for Halloween in their wedding clothes.

Some Party. Col Benson and MSgt Willie Flavin

Russ, Sumo, Gorrell and Karla, Geisha, Gorrell.

Ron McKinney as The Ninja Assassin and Audelia Vasquez Batie as the Wonderful Witch of the West.

Roger DeSantis, Ron McKinney, Halloween Party 83 or 84

Roger DeSantis on one of his Pro Wrestling Saturday visits to the house on Kalae Street, Waipahu.

Rick Batie holding Little Ricky and Mikey outside the house on Kalae Street, Waipahu.

Rick and Audelia Batie at their house on base before leaving for the party.

Pro bowl tailgate party 1987 Doug

Mike Canon, Bill Germer 1983 Hickam Youth Festival

Mary Johnson, Jim Sertich, Amanda Park, Teresa Sanchez at Christmas party

Lee Hester, Dick O’Neal, Halloween Party 1983

Kristine Goetz, Mark DeNunzio and Teresa Sanchez

Kristine Goetz, Cathy Lesniewski-Hetzel, Robin Reed and Teresa Sanchez at paint ball game

Kristine Goetz and Teresa Sanchez working at fair

Ken, Bob Willham, Gary Gohn, Tic Tice, Dan Haynie, Dan Grewe Dec 80

Kathy Wayland as Gumbie

Karla Gorrell, Spenser Reitz, Spenser Reese, Ron McKinney, Elaine Reitz, Russ Gorrell, Dan Turgeon Halloween 83

Karla Gorrell, Russ Gorrell, Ann O’Neal, Dick O’Neal Halloween 83

Joe Lennicx and Karl Spencer enjoy Hickam Harbor.

Jeff Seehase and Teresa Sanchez at Christmas party

Hickam Youth festival. Ron McKinney & Roger Desantis.

Hickam AFB Youth festival. CMSgt Lauren Post

Hickam AFB Youth festival

George Greenia, Ted LaPlante, and Gayland Johnson on Bellows Beach.

Elden Smith, Ahhhhh…I remember this day very well, My very first promotion in Hawaii.

Dick O’Neil spoofing those of us who were joggers and runners.

Dec 1980 – Joe Ford and his wife. I don’t recall what his award was for that is hanging around his neck.

Dave Belote’s Dec 1908 Aloha Party Geri Conway and a couple of the guys, Tic Tice and Bob Willham.

Damon Bowers, Tom Egan, and Ted Harper at the house on Kalae Street, Waipahu.

Col Benson Hickam AFB Youth festival

Brad, Joan, and Bradley Pranke

Audelia Batie, Rick Batie (photos), James Ellifson, Derek Wilcox, Roger DeSantis (photos), Ron McKinney Hickam Festival 83

At Dave Belote’s Dec 1980 Aloha Party, the 548RTG INOD gals decided to give Chief Dobmier a happy birthday gift – it was something sexy, I can’t recall the details.sexy, I can’t recall the details.

548th RTG Children’s Christmas Party – 1985

Bill Germer, Karla Gorrell, Halloween Party 1983

Additional photos and captions from Facebook and members

Doug Schlappi receiving the Airman of the Quarter award from Col. Fitzgerald.  The year is late 1971 or early 1972.  (Photo courtesy of Doug Schlappi)

Jerry Munroe at Ahi Tournament (Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer)

Jim Spencer at Ahi Tournament (Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer)

Vern Akers at 1st Ahi Tournament (Photo courtesy of Jim Spencer)
Catherine Conniff (Photo courtesy of Charles Harding)

Don Waddell (Photo courtesy of Charles Harding)

Catherine Conniff  (Photo courtesy of Charles Harding)

Charles Harding & Major (Photo courtesy of Charles Harding)

SMSGT Johnson (Photo courtesy of Charles Harding)

MSGTs Ellison Carter & Criag Sweet (Photo courtesy of Charles Harding)

Liz Sweet (Photo courtesy of Charles Harding)

Craig Sweet & Col Grant (Photo courtesy of Charles Harding)

Major ? & Bobby (Photo courtesy of Charles Harding)

Joe Weller in the Fiat Spider he bought from CPO Bobby K Hubbard (BK got $900, Joe got a lemon!), circa 1978.  (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller)

Kerry McBroom and Joe Weller eating bul gogi & kim chee at their apartment in a not so nice area off Kapiolani Blvd, 1976-77.  (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller)

Mark Nall and Brad Barter at Osan AB in 1976. Mark and I were TDY there for the Panhunjon Defcon 3 Operation Paul Bunyon.  (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller)

Mike Kiser on Okinawa, 1978.  (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller)

Tom Schaul on Okinawa, 1978.   (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller)

Three Amigos (Left to right “Wilbur” Fraleigh, Ron Boyerdee, Jim “I’m Not Really Jewish” Miller) (Photo courtesy of Jim Miller)

548RTG change of command ceremony. Grady Batchelor on left, along with others from the 548RTG. (Photo courtesy of Grady Batchelor)

Grady Batchelor receiving Airman of the Year from Colonel Boasso.  (Photo courtesy of Grady Batchelor)

Chris Biskup, center is unknown and Grady Batchelor being promoted to Sergeant. (Photo courtesy of Grady Batchelor)

Gunny Ski and Jim Rees, Octoberfest 86 at the Hale Koa (Photo courtesy of Chris Goetz Facebook page)

Halloween party in Jim Belk’s backyard 1983. (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer’s Facebook page)

Jim Belk’s Halloween party, Karla Gorrell, Russ Gorrell, Ann O’Neal, Dick O’Neal.  {Photo courtesy of Bill Germer’s Facebook page)

Halloween party at Jim Belk’s house 1983, Karla Gorrell, Spenser Reese, Ron McKinney, Russ Gorrell, Russ Gorrell, Dan Turgeon? (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer’s Facebook page)

548th Christmas Party at Ft. Shafter – 1985.  Barbara Arnold, Joe Remini, and Pam Weed. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnol

Alane Jesperson handing out gifts at the Children’s Christmas party 1986. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Major Wilson talking to Amber Arnold at a Recce Social 1985. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Here’s a stroll down memory lane—-Russ, Karla, Angelique and Gina Gorrell after a wedding at the O’ Club at Hickam AFB in 1982. We loved Hawaii and it was one of our best assignments. Russ retired with 27 years, 11 months and 8 days—-and we’ve moved 31 time in 35 years of marriage!! Would love to come to a reunion! (Photo courtesy of Russ Gorrell)

LTC Boasso presenting Lt Copeland with  the Company Grade Officer of the Year Award in 1988 (Photo courtesy of Nate Copeland)

The Lt’s were an extremely close bunch back in those days.  Lt’s Wooten, Locke, Mason, Lewis, Lindsay, and Copeland with the Easter Bunny (Photo courtesy of Lt Copeland)

Lt Wooten, LT Stafford, LT Locke, and Lt Copeland at Bellows Beach. (Photo courtesy of Nate Copeland)

548RTG First Sergeant, Chief Malcolm, taken at the Sportsman’s Rod & Gun Club store at the old Wiawa Military Reservation (near Wahiawa) in 1978 where Dave was the Store Manager.  Chief Malcolm passed away.  (Photo courtesy of Howard Melching, who was the Rod and Gun Club President from 1978-1979 and also our HQ Sq Cmdr)

1978 Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi with 548th awardees, on left Capt Howard Melching, on right end Col Ken Orr, to his left, TSgt Bob Todd, (NCO of the Year) A1C David Morris (Airman of the Year, On Sept 30, 2014, Dave posted “What a blast from the past.  At the time an A1C.  I had just received Airman of the Year.  We had a photo session with the Mayor and one of the gifts was a weekend at a the Ala Moana Hotel…. Another great memory of my time at the 548RTG”), and unknown., (Photo courtesy of Howard Melching)

548 RTG Awardees with Hawaii Governor 1984, L-R 1Lt Lance Shultz, TSgt Holmes, Governor George Ariyoshi, Patsy Kam Cyd Marckmann and Craig Sweet (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

548 RTG Awardees with Mayor 1984 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

548th Presentation to Honolulu Mayor 1984 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

548th wins 1st place in Christmas display contest 1987 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Chief Miller Reenlistment 1984 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Cols Benson and Grant after Change of Command 1985 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Gen O’Malley, PACAF CC at 548th (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Morris Promotion (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Col Grant passing the Gooney Ball to Sgt Seelig (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Royal Thai Air Force PI training graduation (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Royal Thai Air Force visit the Lab (Photo Courtesy of Jim Grant)

Jodi Lien, Frank Highsmith, John Lien, Chris Biskup (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer)

Some party. Jim Paine, Jim Rees, Bill Forsyth, Teresa Coleman, ? (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer)

Ulchi Focus Lens 85.  Paradise Lake, Songtan, outside Osan AB, Korea.  George Fite, TaniKennesy, Bill Germer, Rich Laroche, Doug Arnold. (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer)

Here’s a photo of J. Scott “Picklehead” Reimer reenlisting on top of Diamond Head. Holding the flag is Tom Gerding, who has a mysterious habit of turning up in nearly every photo. Do not know the identity of the officer doing the swearing in (1LT Chris Stafford??). (Photo courtesy of Allen Marsh)

Col McIntyre (Photo provided by Herb Boasso)
Ben Oakes Promotion to Sgt (Photo courtesy of Ben Oakes, 548th RTG Facebook page)

CMSgt Bill Janssen. Kristine Goetz said of him:  This man will forever be the epitome of a First Sergeant to me. I have never yet met a Shirt who matches this man. Wherever he is now, I hope he knows what a difference he made.   (Photo courtesy of Kristine Goetz, 548th RTG Facebook page) 

Christmas Party (Now it would be a “Holiday Party” and that would be punch instead of adult beverages!!!), Chris Stafford, Frank Highsmith, John Lien, RockyWalters  (Photos courtesy of Jim Sertich Facebook page)

SRA Bourassa promotion to Sgt (Photo Courtesy of Garnett Howard)

Tracey Riggins Promotion to SRA (Photo Courtesy of Garnett Howard, Tracey’s name provided by Steve Swift)

Tony Jackson promotion to SSgt, with Col Boasso and MSgr Jim Payne

John Lien, TJ Jackson, and Julie Lane, Halloween Party