2016 Members Attending

34 Members attended, 61 total with spouses and guests

Peter Ahammer and Juanita Allen

Andy Anderson

Art and Sue Beidler

Larry and Sirima Benson

Jim and Lori Belk

Leah and Doc Blanchard       

Cecil and Phyllis Brown

Denver Cook                            

Dick and Margaret Dahlke

Maureen DeNunzio and Joe Shannon

Jo Ann and Pete Durnell

Joe and Suk (Sue) Ford

Sue-me and Bill Forsyth

Russ and Karla Gorrell

 William and Sally Heath

Sue and Fred Hoover

Marge and Ray Ingold

Beverly and Ken Kelly

Mike Kiser

Dan Kolcun

Barbara and Roy Mattke

Mark Mizner

Steve and Somjit Pagel

John and Peggy Pecarina

Robin Reed

Clint and Nancy Rogers

Jim Sertich

Bruce Skinner

Brian Solletti

Gil and Cynthia Taylor

Jane and Don Waddell

Joe  Weller

Fred and Jill Wiles

James Wilson


Col Michael Johnek (Guest Speaker) and his wife Ericka

Erika Brown (Cecil and Phyllis Brown’s daughter)

Kevin Cahil, Lisa Taylor, and Rhiannon Taylor (Gil Taylor’s Guests)

Jodi Harris (DJ Sight and Sound Events)

 Mimi (Bartender for Meet and Greet and Banquet)

 Melissa (Our bus driver)

Nellis AFB Honor Guard

Sgt Kuthe (Threat Museum tour)

Thunderbird Sergeants 

Our Tour guide National Atomic Testing Museum

Also: SrA Tabatha Zarrella (Thunderbirds PAO), Raquel Deets
Nellis Club), Jacquie Brown (Orleans Catering), Jidel Sae-Eua
(Orleans Sales Coordinator), and our Las Vegas reunion
planning group Steve Irish James Tigue, and the late Michael