548th Hickam and Around Hawaii

Kristin Meyers was in Hawaii in July 2018 got to drive by the ole’ work. I was there back in 1992 before changing over to Makalapa. The below photos are from her trip.

Can’t remember which entrance it was into the bldg, but always was a great reminder to me about the attack (Photo courtesy of Tony Jackson)

RF-4C image of Hickam AFB, Hawaii  (Courtsey of Bill Germer’s Facebook page)

548 RTS Waikiki Beach 60’s (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

The water tower on Hickam, Freedom Tower, decorated for Christmas.

Stairway to top of Diamond Head

Stairs to top of Diamond Head

Kevin Chavis Waimea Canyon Kauai

Kathy Wayland in front of Sacred Falls

Inside Diamond Head Crater

Honolulu from top of Diamond Head

Double Rainbow over the H-1

Diamond Head Lighthouse

The entrance to Hangar Three, it now houses the Bong Air and Space Operations Center (Bill Forsyth)

In case you were wondering what the Bong AOC is:  The 613th Air and Space Operations Center (AOC), also known as the Maj. Richard Bong (WW-II Ace in the Pacific Theater) AOC, is assigned to Headquarters, 13th Air Force at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. The 613th AOC is one of five AN/USQ-163 FALCONER weapon systems worldwide through which a Commander, Air Force Forces or joint force air component commander exercises command and control of air, space, and information forces. The 613th AOC supports operations in the Asia-Pacific region outside the U.S. Forces Korea area of responsibility. The AOC serves as the nerve center of air operations during any campaign. 

The 613th AOC focuses exclusively on air operations supporting the National Defense Strategy. The AOC develops strategy, plans, and command and control processes to employ air, space and information forces to achieve desired effects in support of U.S. Pacific Command objectives. It supports the Commander of Air Force Forces and the joint/combined force air component commander by accomplishing strategy development, detailed planning, target development, weaponeering and force allocation, air tasking order production, force execution, and operational level assessment functions in support of the joint force commander’s campaign plan. 

The 613th AOC has more than 200 personnel assigned as the core force operating the weapon system. In case of a contingency that requires additional manning, the 613th AOC has pre-planned trained Air National Guard augmentation forces that can be in place in a very short time. Additionally, further manning can be sourced from the active force as required to meet the needs of any contingency. The AOC is central to U.S. Air Force command and control transformation and future Network-Centric Warfare. 

The 613th AOC has five divisions: Strategy; Combat Plans; Combat Operations; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; and Air Mobility. In addition, several Specialty and Agile Combat Support Teams provide cross-functional support and expertise to all divisions .

The parking lot on the “Ewa” side of Hangar Three is now the Headquarters of 13th Air Force, which was at Clark AB, The Philippines.  Clark closed down about the same time as the 548th and 13th AF moved to Anderson AFB, Guam.  In 2005, it was deactivated as a numbered Air Force and later that year was reactivated at Hickam.  Hangar Ave was blocked on both ends of the block after 9/11, with only government vehicles allowed in.  (Bill Forsyth)

The old Aloha Theater, across from PACAF, is now the Aloha Conference Center, they still have the Memorial Theater in Area 61.  (Bill Forsyth)

Air Force One parked in front of Base Ops, with Hangar Three in the background.  President Obama was born in Hawaii and has come over on several vacations with his family.  (Bill Forsyth)

Where the Dorm, building 1815, was located, it was been torn down and replaced by a park.  New dorms were built closer to the flight line. (Bill Forsyth)

Just built new flight line housing.  They are tearing down the old housing and replacing it with new homes, they even have a 2-car garage. (Bill Forsyth)

Memorial plaque at the new Hickam gas station commermorating  the return of our POW’s at the end of he Vietnam War.  In 1975 the wooden “MAC” terminal was located here and many of us greeted the returning POW’s.  (Bill Forsyth)

Hickam Harbor, January 2, 2010, why we love Hawaii. (Bill Forsyth)

The Par 3 Golf Course and 10th Puka remain unchanged, Jay’s BBQ was replaced by an L&L restaurant, and just recently became  the La Familla Mexican restaurant, Korean to Local to Mexican (Bill Forsyth)

Just down the street a few yards for the Puka, on the other side of the street, is the new (At least to us old farts) Tradewinds Enlisted Club, with it’s JR Rockers Cafe and Sports Bar.  (Bill Forsyth)

The Lagoon Lounge, where many of us had great Korean lunches, it has a new name and I am sure it is not the same as when Mr. Kim owned it.  UPDATE:  November 2014, drove by and it has all been torn down and is an empty lot, the Chinese restaurant is now located across the road in the Marina Inn.  (Bill Forsyth)

Fort Kam Sunset (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Hickam Harbor (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Hangar  3 1978 (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer’s Facebook page)

Hangar 3 Today  (Photo Courtesy of Brian Solletti)

Hangar Ave access blocked after 9/11  (Photo Courtesy of Brian Solletti)

Hickam Main Gate (relocated down the road in the late 1970’s and repainted “Creech” Brown, was white and blue)  (Photo Courtesy of Brian Solletti)

The Chow Hall   (Photo Courtesy of Brian Solletti)

Bellows Beach Cabins  (Photo Courtesy of Brian Solletti)

Hickam Beach  (Photo Courtesy of Brian Solletti)

PACAF Headquarters, Scars of December 7, 1941 (Photo Courtesy Brian Solletti) 

Hickam Water Tower, the grass in front was the site of many a hot change of command ceremony   (Photo Courtesy of Brian Solletti)

TJ Jackson, Jamie Lane, Chip Lane, Duke Kahanamoku Statue

Last of regular pictures

Photo collection of Army Landing Zones in Hawaii; good aerial views of many areas never seen by most of us. (Provided by Dan ???  at the reunion and scanned by Steve Pagel)