548th The Dorm Airmen

Taken in front of barracks building 1843 (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer)

Hanging out in the barracks… good times!   Jeff Field, Chuck Skelley, James Johnson, Teresa Sanchez, and Amada Park (Courtesy of Amada Park 548 RTG Facebook)

548 RTS Beach and Barracks (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS:  Barracks Sign: Airman David Richards (me) and Airman David Reed (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS:  Our Collective Ride Barracks parking lot: Airman (left to right) David Richards, David Reed, Eugene Hurtubise, Jim Magee, Anthony Candido(Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS:  Goofing around: Sgt Don Silbaugh and Airman David Richards (me)(Courtesy of Dave Richards)

The following 10 photos and captions are from the 548th Facebook Page

Todd Wise

Mickey Bain and Teresa Sanchez…hungover or drunk..haha

Kristine Goetz, Shelly Janssen, Robin Reed and Teresa Sanchez in dorm room

J Scott Reimer, Picklehead

J Scott Reimer, Patrick Alexander, Brett Sheophlin

Amanda Park, J Scott Reimer, Teresa Sanchez Carol Kai Bed Race

Terry Deininger

Kevin Kirtley

J Scott Reimer, Ben Cramer, Todd Lawrence, Erik Hickman, Keith Haessly

J Scott Reimer, Allen Marsh, Rick Batie

Additional Dorm Airman pictures and captions from Facebook and members.

Brian Willis, Al Marsh, Joe Pashen, and Tom Gerding in 1989 or 1990. If you’re skinny enough, all you need to make an effective toga is a pillowcase and a belt. While the exact origins of this bacchanal are lost to history, this photo does showcase Joe Pashen’s Tasmanian Deviltattoo, as well as the fact that Al was, thankfully, wearing boxers under that pillowcase. (Photo courtesy of Al Marsh)

Brian K. “Lad” LaBounty in 1989, when he was a lowly one-striper.  Today he is a Senior Master Sergeant (Right, Retired July 2011). (Photos courtesy of Al Marsh and Brian LaBounty’s Facebook page)

Here’s a photo of Joe Pashen, aka the Great Pahu. Taken 1989 or 1990. (Photo courtesy of Al Marsh)

Shadowy men with shadowy jobs: Sean Masters, Darren Murray, and Ben Cramer on the first floor ‘lanai,’ building 1815. (Photo courtesy of Al Marsh)

Wild man Todd Lawrence recovering from a downtown Waikiki collision between his fist and a Marine’s face. Pineapples grow fresh in Hawaii, but Todd prefers the convenience of the canned variety. Excellent for healing broken bones. (Photo courtesy of Al Marsh)

One day in 1989, Dave Hash decided to let the other residents of building 1815 paint his Volkswagen Thing. Here is Ben Cramer decorating it while Dave Hash, Denver Cook, Charles Benoit, Derek Schwartz, and a couple kids observe. (Photo courtesy of Al Marsh)

Joe Weller at 1815 in 1976.  35-10??? (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller)

This is A1C Stacie Stevens and Sgt Scott Reimer on the lanai of building 1815 in 1991.  (Photo courtesy of Allen Marsh)

Pictured here on the balcony of dorm 1815, left to right, are Allen Marsh, the perennially shirtless Derek Schwartz, Erik Hickman, Tom Gerding, Darren Murray, Joe Pashen, and Ben Cramer. This was an interesting time, uniform-wise, because it was that narrow window when they were phasing out the old olive drab fatigues and phasing in BDUs, and you could still wear either uniform. (Photo courtesy of Allen Marsh)

This was a 548th dorm inspection, which explains why all the fellas are in blues. Did everyone wear a mustache back then? Left to right are Chris Roisman, Ben Cramer, Brian Willis (for some reason not part of the inspection), Tom Gerding, and ** (Name removed by request).

Here is a slightly blurry photo of a group of us enlisted types posing in the lush and inviting dirt yard in front of dorm 1815, from December 1989, exactly 20 years ago. Pictured are Chris “Bronco” Biano holding the guitar, and going around clockwise are Todd Lawrence with the fork, Tom Gerding in the Santa hat, Ashiya Williams, Brian Willis in the other Santa hat, Connie Jo DeGirolamo, and Allen Marsh, in fatigues.  To be fair, probably not all of these folks were assigned to the 548th, but I know Tom, Todd, Ashiya, and Brian were, and of course I was. Bronco was an Army guy who worked in Exploitation.  (Photo Courtesy of Allen Marsh)

One of the great moments! in the dorm, Wood’s room, BEER! and listening to a 45 record(YES!) of the AUBURN WAR EAGLE Football game song!!!! or we just woke up, drinking a BEER! trying to decide when to go to the CHOW HALL!!!!!  James C. Johnson, Walter Finney Wood, and Ben H. Oakes (Photo Courtesy of Ben Oakes and 548th Facebook)