Note: The legal name of the association remains the “548th Reconnaissance Technical Group Association, Inc”, since the paperwork for the non-profit status, incorporation, and business license is under that name.




 The name of the corporation shall be the 548th RECONNAISSANCE TECHNICAL GROUP ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED.  The publicity, fictitious, and logo name of the corporation shall be 548th and 67th RECONNAISSANCE ASSOCIATION.


 The 548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association exists to promote fellowship and fraternal activities among all former members, military or civilian, of the 548th Reconnaissance Technical Group, Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, the 548th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron, Hickam AFB, Hawaii and Yokota Air Base, Japan, and the 67th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron, Yokota AB, Japan, while these units existed as active units in the United States Air Force.  The Association will also endeavor to promote the achievements of these units during this time through oral, visual, and written history.

This Association is organized as a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (19) of the Internal Revenue Code to engage in any lawful purpose or purposes allowed by law.  The balance, if any, of all funds received by the Association for its operation, after the payment in full of all debts, will be used exclusively for charitable, scientific (within the limits imposed under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code), and education purposes.


 Section I.     Membership in the Association shall be divided into two parts:

 FULL:  Any person who was assigned to the 548th Reconnaissance Technical Group (RTG) or the 548th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron (RTS), 548th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group ISRG), and the 67th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron, either as a military assignee or civilian contractor.  Military Assignees must have been with the 548th RTG , 548th RTS, 548th ISRG, and the 67th RTS either as a permanent assignment or on temporary duty (TDY) for at least 90 days.  Civilian contractors assigned duty with the 548th RTG/RTS/ISRG and 67th RTS must have been with the 548th or 67th for at least 60 days.  The spouse of a deceased member is a full member.  Full members have full voting rights and are allowed one vote per paid Association membership. 

 ASSOCIATE:  Any person whether military, civilian, or a dependent who was associated with or supported, but was not assigned to, the 548th RTG/RTS/ISRG or 67th RTS.  An associate member can also be any person who expresses an interest in the 548th RTG/RTS/ISRG or 67th RTS and is willing to promote the fellowship of the Association.  Associate membership is unlimited but Associate Members have no voting rights in the conduct of Association business.

Section II.     The annual membership dues shall be established by the Officers of the Association with ratification by the Board of Directors. 


Section I.     The officers of the Association shall consist of a minimum of three Full Members of the Association: President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.  These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these Bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Association. 

Section II.     The President shall be the official spokesperson for the Association, although the President may appoint other spokespersons as appropriate for specific purposes.  The President shall receive and set the agenda for Officer/Board of Director meetings and be responsible for all executive actions directed by the Officers.  The President will conduct all Officer, Board of Director and general membership meetings.

Section III.     The Vice President shall act in the stead of the President in all matters when the President is unable to perform his/her specified duties.  The Vice President shall assume the position of President should the elected President be unable to continue in that position.

Section IV.    The Secretary/Treasurer shall handle all official correspondence for the Association unless delegated to another person. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Officer/Board of Director meetings and of the general membership meeting and will make them available upon request to any member.  The Secretary/Treasurer is also responsible for filing the Annual Report and paying the Annual Registration Fee in accordance with incorporation requirements of the State of Hawaii.  As Treasurer, shall be responsible for all funds managed by the Association, pay all debts of the Association, and maintain the financial records as required.

Section V.     All officers shall be elected directly by the membership at the periodic reunion meeting and shall serve in that capacity until the next periodic reunion meeting. 

Section VI.    No member shall hold more than one office at a time, and the President shall be eligible to serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Section VII.    The President shall fill vacancies in all positions except President through the appointment of any Full Member of the Association.  Vacancy of the Presidency shall be in accordance with Section III, above.

Section VIII.   The President, with the advice and consent of the membership, may add other Officer positions as and when deemed appropriate.


Section I.     The general membership meeting shall be conducted during the periodic reunions.  Reunions are envisioned to occur once every other year (2-year cycle). The purpose of the by-annual membership meeting shall be to elect officers, to receive reports and proposals of officers and committees, and for any other business that may arise.

Section II.      Major or critical business effecting the Association requiring the attention of the membership as determined by the President occurring between general membership meetings shall be conducted by mail with the opportunity to vote by mail included.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall manage correspondence concerning this business and the tally of votes.

Section III.     Full Members in attendance at a reunion meeting constitute a quorum of the membership of the Association for an annual membership meeting.


 The Board of Directors will consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and the Chair of each established Committee.


Section I.     Committees shall be established as determined by the voting membership.  The guidelines for the operation of each committee shall be developed by each Committee Chair.  Committee Chairs will be elected by committee members from within the Committee but must be Full Members of the Association.

Section II.     Standing Committees shall be History, Membership, Nominating, Reunion and Spouse’s Forum.

Section III.    The Board of Directors may establish ad hoc committees as needed.


 Any action of the Association which has not been subject to a full membership vote shall be put to such a vote upon receipt of a written request to the President of the Association, signed by at least 20 percent of current voting membership.


 The latest edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall govern all meetings of the membership and Association Board of Directors.


 These Bylaws can be amended by a simple majority of the voting membership.


 The registered agent of this Association is SMSgt (Ret) William L Forsyth and the registered office of the Association is PO Box 75549, Kapolei, HI 96707

Bylaw changes approved by the membership on 3 October 2014.