67th RTS Around Japan

The four below photos are of Johnson Air Station (Courtesy of Richard Luke)

Sapporo Ice Festival

May 1970 Sumo wrestling 

1969 Mikimoto Pearl Farm

Osaka May 1965


100 Yen Note and coin

“Bar Row” Fussa Machi, Al’s Bar, on a side street, was the 67 RTS hangout, it was across the street from Genny Rose’s establishment

Kay’s Cabaret and Bath House, up the road toward base from Al’s Bar

February 1967 Yokota base housing

Fussa “Paddy” housing outside the gate, note the aircraft drop tanks used for fuel oil storage, the houses used oil space heaters and oil fueled hot water heaters you had to light and turn on every time you wanted hot water.

Local transportation

Japanese ball players

1964 Olympic flame pass through Fussa Machi

Japanese baby on back

Japanese Ladies

Nikko Resort

Mount Fuji

Kumagawa Festival 

Everybody had one, out the main gate to the left was the store

The beer of choice

Sakura (Cherry) blossoms

Flight of F-4’s over Yokota, 67RTS (Building 206), lower left, Fuji in haze

F-102’s fly past Mt. Fuji

Trout Fishing

Nichigeki Theater

Omi Railroad Museum

1969 and 1970 Various unidentified areas around Japan