548th at Work

Art Nichols looking at some photos of a portable Sam site in the demilitarized zone. (Photo courtesy of Art Nicolas)

Det 1 67th RTS at work (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS:  Film Scan: Capt. Jackson others can’t remember names  (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS:  Photo Lab: Airman Thomas Folden (white smock) and Airman Terry Pebbles (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS:  Sgt Shak and Sgt Cobb. (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS:  Development tank : Airman David Reed and Sgt ?  (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS:  Chem-Mix : Airman Mike Mayes (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS trimming prints, names not recalled (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS Airmen Sato Stacking Fixer (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS Houston Fearless printer, name unknown (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS Airman Jamie Pardo carrying film cannisters (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS at the photo enlarger: Airman Eugene Hurtubise (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

Ron McKinney at his “sanitized” light table. 548th Soviet Analysis Team (1981) (Photo courtesy of Ron McKinney)

Day trip to Schofied Barracks (I think) to check out Soviet tanks/armor, circa 1977.

1988 Hawaiian Falcon photos of Imagery Interpreters 1Lt Nate Copeland and Sgt Nancy Walters at work (Photo courtesy of Nate Copleand)

Graphics (Photo Courtesy of Jim Grant)

Supply (Photo Courtesy of Jim Grant)

Database (Photo Courtesy of Jim Grant)

Coordination and Training Division (Photo Courtesy of Jim Grant)

Photo Lab (Photo Courtesy of Jim Grant)

Exploitation (Courtesy of Jim Grant)

Col Grant and Chief Haga using backup communications (Courtesy of Jim Grant)

Bill Germer TDY to Det 1, 548 RTG, Osan AB, Korea. The Det. 1, 18 TFG PPIF (Photo Processing & Interpretation Facility, for those who forgot)is in the background. (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer’s Facebook page)

Visit to the 548th in 1989-90 by then Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney.  Col Boasso was explaining how the imagery “magically” got from Wash DC to our light tables. Gen. McPeak, then CINCPACAF, is standing next to Mr. Cheney.  (Photo courtesy of Herb Boasso)

Carto Section, circa 1971.  Seated guy with mustache is SSgt Tom Kenny.  Haole guy seated across from Tom is (then) TSGT Pemberton.  Guy standing, ??. (Photo courtesy of Tom Kenney)

Capt Howard Melching and SSGT Steve Brightbill working on a briefing, yes that is a typewriter, oh how we have changed (Photo courtesy of Howard Melching)

Capt Howard Melching at the Korean DMZ in July 1976, east of the Chorwon Valley, during a TDY to Korea.  We traveled up the DMZ in the UH-1 in the background.  As the helicopter came into the LZ a Korean was motioning down with his arms, the crew thought he was telling us where to land.  After we landed he told the crew they came in too high and should have made a low approach so they were not seen by the North Koreans, the crew then asked where the village was so they could get some lunch, the ROK Major said no village, you stay with the helicopter, not a happy chopper crew.  Note the ROK helmet, shirt, and arm band given to us to make us appear to be in uniform, yeah, blue jeans and white shoes, the North Koreans would really be fooled.  We did clear the trip with the SSO before we went.  (Photo courtesy of Howard Melching)

In July 1976 Capt Howard Melching and MSgt Bill Forsyth toured the 2nd North Korean DMZ Tunnel, which discovered in March 1975 and was located east of the Chorwon Valley.  We flew up there with the United States Forces Korea Tunnel Neutralization Team (USFK/TNT).  The photo is of our two Tunnel Team escorts, one ROK and one U.S., at the entrance of the intercept tunnel which leads down several hundred feet to the North Korean tunnel, which was blocked just north of the Military Demarcation Line.  MSgt Forsyth is on the right side of this photo taking a picture with his own camera, his film was later confiscated after taking a photo at the north end of the tunnel, actually inside North Korea, although our Korean Major escort said earlier we could take pictures anywhere inside the tunnel.  The 548th provided imagery support to the Tunnel Team starting as soon as the first tunnel was found in 1975 and continued the support for the next 15 years, until the operation was taken over by the Korean Army.  (Photo courtesy of Howard Melching)