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– For 67 RTS Association members, I was given a list of 67th members who wanted to be part of the new joint association and they are included in the membership roster. If you are not on the roster and want to be, send me an email and I will add your name to the roster.

Name                              ServiceTime at 548th/67thWhere WorkedRank at 548th/67thSpouse
Bob AckermanUSAF01/79 – 01/81ExploitationSGTRana
Charles AdamsUSAF09/1975-06/1979Satellite ExploitationSSgtTrudi
I.Z. Peter AhammerUSAFNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot Provided
Max AlexanderUSAFNot Provided67 RTSSSgt/E4Lillian
Patrick AlexanderUSAF03/87-07/91Target MaterialsMSgtChristine
Eric AndersonUSAF07/82-07/84548th Library, Priority ExploitationSGT.
Robert P. AndersonUSAFNot Provided67 RTSSSgtLaura
Peter AradiUSAF02/62-01/66LabE-4Shigemi
Becky ArcherUSAF12/86-12-90Targets, Data AdministrationSSgt.
Rob ArdizzoniUSAF12/85-12/88Target MaterialsSgtSue
Barbara (Clogston) ArnoldUSAF/USAFR04/84-06/89CATIS DBASgtDoug.
Doug ArnoldUSAF10/83 – 12/89DOD DatabasesTSgtBarbara
Peter (Bailey) BakerUSAF(67th) 06/65-05/66 and (548th) 05/66-08/68 ATM-OPs and Planning at 67th and 548thSGTGlee
Bob BarfusUSAF67 RTS 1958 – 1962 Photo Lab and Assistant in Capt Glass’s OfficeA1CHitomi
Big John BarlowUSAF1 Sep 70-1 Sep 72PADAF-OIC Photo Intrp BranchCapt.
Steve BarrUSAF01/77-05/79Not ProvidedE3.
Jeff BartolucciUSAF, Then Army Warrant09/89 – 10/95 (ended with JICPAC)Training and also Security Manager with MSGT Schlimmer, the smoker)SSGTShelby
Brad BartterUSAF10/85 – 06/91Exploitation, Research and Analysis, First SergeantMSgtMyong
Mark Haynie BastianUSAF04/68 – 04/70Precision LabE5 SSgt.
Grady BatchelorUSAF04/86-04/89ExploitationSgt, MSgtJennifer
Ildrid BatesUSAF06/85-06/92LabSSGT.
Eddie BauerUSN04-77/10-77ExploitationIS2 E-5Margo
Bobbie (Johnson) BeardUSAF01/68-05/70PADAFSSgtN/A
Dave BeckerUSAF11/69 – 04/71 – 67RTS, 04/71 – 11-73 548 RTG67 RTS Orderly Room, 67 RTS and 548 RTG SCIF SSgtSandy when at 67th and 548th, now Kathy
Art BeidlerUSAF67 RTS – 04/59-04/61 and 02/67-03/70 Reference Library and Exploitation-EditorA1C and TSgtSusan
Jim BelkUSAF07/82-07/85ExploitationCaptLori
Ken BellUSAF548 RTG 1980-83Not ProvidedNot Provided.
Dave BeloteUSAF01/77-12/80Data Management Division (INOD)SSgtLianne
Col (Ret) Larry L. BensonUSAF12/70-08/73, 09/85-07/8867 RTS, 548 RTG: Generic (Staff), Commander, PACAF/IN ExecCapt (O-3), Colonel (O-6),Sirima
Tim BensonUSAF 1971 – 1979548th RTG – Aug 1976 – Jul 1979Photo interpreter/analyst under Col Kenneth Orr.SSG (E-5)Madonna
John A. BernatUSAF10/70-9/7467 RTS, 548 RTG:  ExploitationCaptainAnne
Daniel BernsUSAF1974-1977 548th, Continuous Photo Process SRA 
Michael BernsteinUSAF08/67-08/70Photo LabE4Terry
Sue (Baldwin) BestUSAF08/84-08/87Target MaterialsSSgtBob
Chris BiskupUSAF09/85 -09/89Research and AnalysisSgtKaren
Scott BixlerUSAF06/82-08/85INOE Priority ExploitationSRAIrma
David L BlakleyUSAF09/82-09/85 and 04/08-04/10548RTG/AFSSO PACAF and 50IS BEALESGT, TSgt.
Richard Blanchard (Doc)USAF4/70-8/7367 RTS PI Floor, 548 RTG ExploitationMsgtLeah
Charles E. Blanton IIUSAF04/67-09/70Photo Maint.E4.
Paul BlouinUSAF08/79-08/86Special Projects LabTsgtGalina
Herb BoassoUSAF06/88 – 07/91CommanderCol.Mary.Ellen
Ron BoyerUSAF08/78-09-81SCI LibrarySSgtCissy
Jocelyn BroussardUSAF4/88-7/91, JICPACLabSRA.
Louis “Cecil” Brown, Jr. USAF04/71-07/7367 RTS PI Floor, 548 RTG Exploitation CtrCaptPhyllis.
Michael BrownUSAF06/68 – 03/70Analyst at Pacific Air Defense Analysis FacilitySgtGail
Jim BuchanUSAF07/76-12/79, 05/83-05/86  Defensive Systems Team, Target Materials Branch, Special Briefing Team ASSgt, MSgtHelen
Arlie BurnsUSAF1954-1955LibrarySSGTSylvia
Connie Osburn CalvinUSAF01/87 – 06/91Photo LabSSgtJosh.(MSgt,.Ret,.Deceased)
Ignacio “Nitch” CamposUSAF11/79-06/83LogisticsCapt.
Janice CannonUSAF07/1985-06/95LabSSgt.
Mike CareyRAAF10/86-01/89Target MaterialsSQ Ldr RAAF.
Garry CaseyUSAF01/73-04/76LabSSgtKwi.Chul
Mitch CatanzaroUSAF01/85-11/88Research and Analysis, Soviet Far East BranchTSgt.
Phil CavanaghUSAFNot Provided67 RTSMSgtNona
Michael CharlieUSAF04/79-05/83Special ProjectsSSgt.
Tresa ChastainUSAF11/1981 – 06/1985Photo LabSSgt.
Greg ChathamUSAF11/73-8/75Target MaterialsA1CDiana
Kevin ChavisUSAF01/83-12/90ExploitationTSGT.
Mike ChesserUSAF05/89-05/93Library/ExploitationSRAShirley
Marianne ChisholmUSAF03/83 – 10/86Imagery InterpretationSgtTsgt.Michael.Chisholm
David ChittimUSAF08/90-07/91ExploitationSgtShelly
Steven ClarkUSAF08/82-08/85 Library, DOE,DOE, INOEC, INOE, Priority Exploitation, Exploitation TeamSRA E-4,SSgt.
Grady ClarkUSAF11/79-11/81, 12/86-12/90ExploitationSgt, MSgtPeggy
John D ClevengerUSAF67 RTS – 01/67 – 05/71IDHSMSgtLinda
Lou ColucciUSAF7/68-1/71548th RTG Cartographic UnitSSGTPaula
David C CookUSAF05/87-06/91LabTSGTVickie
Denver CookUSAF05/89 -11/91ExploitationSgt.
Donald CooperUSAF09/54-08/56Photo Lab, OperationsA1C.
Nate CopelandUSAF09/86- 06/89Research and Analysis- Southeast Asia BranchCaptSherri
Walt CovingtonUSAF67 RTS – 02/68 – 02/71Photo LabCaptainMaryann
Al Crane, JrUSAFNot Provided67 RTSLt Col/O5Linda
Papo CruzUSAF12/86-8/92548th Photo labSgt 
Dick DahlkeUSAF? /1952-11/55PI and OperationsBuck Sgt./Airman 1stMargaret.S.
Theo DaleyUSAF67th-Sep 69-Apr 71, 548-Apr 71-Sep72Photo InterpSgt E-4Jacqui
Dan DanielsUSAF03/77-02/85 Library TSgtNancy
Kirk DarlingUSAFJun/75-Jun/79ExploitationSSgtJackie
David Dean  USAF05/80-08/81Research and Analysis CenterMajSusan
Terry DeiningerUSAF08/85 – 08/89Target MaterialsSgtCathy
Maureen DeNunzioUSAF7/85-10/90Target Materials, TrainingSSgt.
Rick DeppeUSAFNov 84- Jun 88PACOPS/INOE PresentationsMSgtKathy
Phil DesjardinsUSAF10/65-02/67-1/1/1978Target Assessment Center, Deputy Commander of OperationsColonelMargaret
Guy DilleUSAF02/49-11/51Photo LabSSgtDorothy
Sherrie M DiazUSAFDec ’83Photo LabSRA
Dave DinehartUSAF03/72-03/76 and 01/79-01/84ExploitationSgt, SSgt.
David S DobbinsNavy04/81-04/82548th RTG, ExploitationIS2Becky
John DohmUSAF09/70 – 05/73Photo LabSgtMarie
Roger E. DossUSAFNot Provided67 RTS PI Branch1LtTomoe.(Deceased)
Darrel DudleyUSAF06/87 – 12/90MaintenanceSgtLynn
Pete DurnellUSAF67RTS – 09/67-09/70Exploitation (PI) and Special Activities OfficeCaptain (at 67th).
Gene I. EbronUSAF07/72-07/7667 RTS Lab, 548 RTG LabCaptainGale
Garry ElliottUSAF09/88-09/91LabSrATeresa
Pete EscalanteUSAF12/84 – 12/87PACOPS INOE, INOSSgt.
Donald FairfieldUSAF1953-195467th Reconnaissance Technical SquadronSSgtDon
Doug FischerUSAF04/81-04/83Research and Analysis, JICPAC 07/92 – 07/95SrACarrie
Fumiko Fisher-FosdickUSAFNot Provided67 RTS PI Branch (Capt Richard Fisher)WidowCapt.Richard.Fisher.(Deceased)
Chet FlamminiArmy05/77-05/79Exploitation, Target MaterialsSSGHwa
Joe FordUSAF09/70-07/81, 11/85-11/89INOD, INX, DOESMSgt, CMSgtKyong.Suk
Bill ForsythUSAF67 RTS 1/70 – 05/71 548 RTG 06/72 – 07/81, 7/83 – 9/9167 RTS PI Floor, 548 RTG Exploitation, Special Projects, Research and AnalysisTSgt, MSgt, SMSgtSue-me
Kevin FraleighUSAF5/78 – 4/82, 7/86 – 7/91Exploitation,Target Materials, Research and AnalysisSSgt,TSgtMalette
Albert F. Franks, Jr.USAFNot Provided67 RTSSgtFumiko
Lori FredellUSAF1979-1982 ?Exploitation SSgtJeff.Patten
Rudy GableUSAF12/71-12/73Not ProvidedSgtArlene
Bob GallagherUSAF03/83 – 03/86Research and Analysis Division (Admin), Admin in Research and Analysis DivisionSRA.
Bobby GarrettUSAF10/65 – 10/68Photo Interpreter, Special Projects, ATC Chart CompilationSSgtJanie
Wayne GassUSAF07/83-07/86ExploitationSSgtCarole
Rick GaultUSAF5/89-7/91, JICPAC 7/91-94ExploitationSSgtAnn.Marie
Tom GeaghanUSAF01/79-06/83, 06/84-10/87ExploitationSSgt, TSgtPatricia
Bill GermerUSAF04/78-10/80, 01/83-01/87Ops TechSgt, TSgt.
David GoadUSAF6/89-11/92Systems/ Secondary Imagery DisseminationSSgtKimberly
Kristine GoetzUSAF09/85 – 02/90Research and Analysis DivisionBuck Sergeant.
Gary GohnUSAF11/80-11/83INOD, INY-HQTSgtJanie
Benny GomesUSAF02/77-02/81, 09/84-06/92DOTM , DORA S.E. Asia BranchSSgt.
Russ GorrellUSAF01/81-12/83Chief, Soviet Far East Branch of Research and Analysis Division1LtKarla
Melissa GorsuchUSAF04/85-09/89ExploitationE4Paul.Martin
John GotchUSAFNot Provided67 RTS 548 RTGNot Provided.
Walt GovernUSAFJuly 1975 to November 1976INOTA / daily briefing team (original) Great assignmentSgt E4SRA Tresa D. Govern
Jim GrantUSAF06/81 – 06/85Deputy Commander; CommanderLtCol; Col.
Bobby GrayUSAF03/86-03/89LABSGTPenny
Bobby GreathouseUSAF03/78 – 04/82, 10/82-7/87Logistic Division, Plans and ProgramsCMSgt, GS-11.
Steven GrecoUSAF12/87 – 12/90Director, Photo Processing DivisionCaptAkemi
Bert GreenUSAFSep 1973-Sep 1986Exploitation, Training NCO, and Det 1SSgt, TSgtBonnie
George GreeniaUSAF6/82-6/85AdminSgtCarrie
Phil GergUSAF02/71-07/74LabTSgtJeanne
Mike “Griff” GriffinUSAF03/83-03/87Exploitation/TrainingTSgtDonna
Mike GrossUSAF01/83 – 12/88Target Materials (DOT)TSgtDee.(remarried.since.PCS)
Gary GruverUSAF01/1976 – 01/1978548th, PISRAColleen 
Bill Ski (Grzeskowiak)USMC10/85-08/88, 03/95-07/97Research/Analysis, Special Ops, Targets,Amphibious Expeditionary WarfareGySgt, MGySgt USMCPat
Chris Gutterson  USAF3/90-7/91ExploitationA1CKristen
Keith HaesslyUSAF10/90-07/91ExploitationSrA.
John HagenUSAF01/86 – 04/89Data Management, Resources Branch, and Research and Analysis Division2 Lt – CaptJenny
Don HallUSAF8/50 2/53photomapping/cartogSgtFrances.(Deceased)
Fred HamiltonUSAF05/71-05/73Photo System MaintenanceSSgtKate
Vern HamiltonUSAF06/78-07/80Photo LabSSgtKathy
Charles Harding Jr.USAF07/83-10/86NCOIC of GraphicsMSgtDeborah.(Debbie)
Terrie HarrisUSAF06/79-06-81LibrarySgtBill
Dave HashUSAF02/87-04/91Special ProjectsSSGTCarrie
Mark (Hank) HenryUSAF10/87-10/90Exploitation (DOE)SgtMichelle
Joe HeroldUSAF12/79 to 04/82Imagery ExploitationSSgtKathy
Eddie HickmanUSAF02/68-7/68Photo Maint. at the 67thAICDebra
Erik HickmanUSAF04/88 – 09/91TargetingSRA.
Frank HighsmithUSAF01/86-07/91Research DOR, TrainingE-7Linda
Gaylord HinshawUSAF10/81-10/83Lab MaintenanceSRA.
Todd HollowayUSAF06/78-11/82 and 06/90-07/99LabSSGT,TSGT.
Fred HooverUSAF04/86-06/91Target Materials DivisionMSgtSue
Tim HoughtonUSAF07/73-06/77Hq Squadron, HQ PACAF Ops & Intel 77-79, HQ PACAF Cmd Section 79-80, CINCPAC 86-89, HQ PACAF XP 89-91CaptainMary.(Joyce)
Jack HoulgateUSAF06/70-07/76IDHS, Data ManagementMajorJudith
Chad HowardUSAF01/91-07/92Imagery ExploitationCMSgtRachel
Garnett HowardUSAF07/80 – 07/83Exploitation CenterLt Col.
Keith HowardUSAFOct 77 – Sep 82LibrarySRA.
Bob HuebertUSAF06/78-04/8181Photo LabCMSgtRuth
Ron IlgenfritzUSAF05/66 – 08/6767th – Photo LabE-4 
Steve IrishUSAF05/71-05/72ExploitationSSGTDeborah
Larry W. IsenhourUSAFNot Provided67 RTSSSgt.
TJ JacksonUSAF08/87-09/91Research SovietNot Provided.
Bill JanssenUSAF05/85 – 06/881st SGT (Shirt)Sr. Master Sgt.Sherry
Eileen JenningsUSAF01/90-07/91 & 07/91-12/94 (Hgr 3)Target MaterialsSrA/SSgtJason
Merrill JensenUSAF11/78 – 11/ 81Target MaterialsSSGT.
Mark Jessop (Jess)USAF12/68 – 02/72Library, Photo InterpretationSgt.
Bill JohansonUSAF548RTG 12/67-01/71Photo Lab, HickamSSGT 
Dean JohnsonUSAFOct 1976 – Oct 1979 Group Briefing TeamSSgtRosie
Jay JohnsonUSAF04/70-07/73Photo Imagery ExploitationSgtLisa
Jim JohnsonUSAF06/85 – 05/88Special Projects, Color LabSGTColleen
Mary JohnsonUSAF03/86-01/91Systems1LTWillie
Randy JohnsonUSAF1984-1992548RTG (PACAF/INY)SMSgtLori
Terrell “TJ” JohnsonUSAF06/89-09/92ExploitationSRAMichelle
Willie JohnsonUSAF02/73-02/74, 03/86-01/91Imagery Exploitation, Imagery ExploitationSgt, MSgtMary
Arthur JollyNavy09/76-10/80ExploitationUSN IS1.
Carol JonesUSAF11/76-09/79Edit, ExploitationSSgt.
Danny JordanUSAF1976-1979INOTSSgtDiane
Frank JoyUSAF548th RTG 6/86-2/91Maintenance ShopSSgtCathy
James T KalaharArmy/USAF06/66-08/69548th Tactical Targets, ATC CompilationSgtVida.M.Kalahar
Robert KellerNavy07/87-03/90Navy, FICPAC (Associate Member)Not ProvidedKathie
Tim KelleyUSAF01/1976 – 06/1979Chem. MixSSGTLinda
R.Kenneth KellyUSAF01/71-07-7367 RTS PI Floor, 548 RTG ExploitationMajorBeverly
Bobby KendrickUSAF03/90-07/91Exploitation, JICPACSRA.
Kevin KenneyArmy05/86 – 01/89ExploitationSSG U.S. ArmyMargaret
Margaret KenneyUSAF08/87 – 05/90ExploitationSSGTKevin
John KephartUSAF09/83 – 09/85Photo labA1CSandy
Annie (Sessions) KielyUSAF1988 – 1991 Research and Analysis, Soviet Branch1LtDouglas
Tony KingUSAFFeb 1972 – June 1973Group AdminSSgt.
John KippUSAF8/70-12/72Photo LabSgt.
John Klein USAF08/51-01/54SupplySSgtGenevieve.
Christopher KnowlesUSAF09/71-08/73CartographicsSSGTMary
Dave KochContractor12/15/73-02/15/74LabContractor (Associate Member)Theresa
Dan KolcunUSAF01/86 – 12/89ExploitationSgtAlana
Jeff KreckerUSAF5/89-3/91(RTG) & 3/08-10/09 (ISRG)ExploitationSRANancy
Darren KrumwiedeUSAF11/85-10/88548th Target Material and LibrarySSgtPam
Steve KrywanyUSAF09/85-09/88Select Print PhotoSrA.
Rich La RocheUSAF01/84-06/87Research and AnalysisTSgtJoni
William Lakner (Bill)USAF02/65-07/6667RTS , 548 RTS ExploitationSSgtSandie
Bob LambertUSAF1965-1968, 1979-1980Defense Analysis,Chief HQ.PACAF Intelligence, PACom Air Defense Analysis Facility (Associate Member)Lt. Colonel, ColonelChloe
Shorty LantryUSAF08/85-08/90Photo LabSSgtIleana
Chip LaneUSAF05/87 – 05/93DORSSgtJulie
Mike LaneUSAF06/82-09-85Research and Analysis (N Korea, Southeast Asia)SRAHeather
Andy LaningUSAF02/88-06-90First SergeantSMSgtSerap
Walter (Leo) LeConteUSAF6/69-6/71Photo LabSGT.Kathy.Hartley
Cathy LesniewskiUSAF07/85-12/88ExploitationSGT.
Cyril J. LetzelterUSAFNot Provided67 RTSCaptFaith
John LienUSAF01/85 – 05/90Exploitation, Research and AnalysisSSgtJody
Kevin LigginsUSAF05/1983-07/1986548thSgtDaphne
Frank LindenmeierUSAF01/83 – 01/87ExploitationSSgtTerry
Harry LindquistUSAF04/70-12/72 548 RTG, 08/70-03/71 67RTSLabSgtLinda
Jack LloydU.S.A.F6/79-6/84LabSMSgtDivorced
Joe LongoUSAF6/69-1/71Carthographic Sgt.
Ron LoveUSAF01/68 TO 12/71Special Briefing Team, Photo LabSGTCheryl
Dave LukeUSAF01/1968-01/1970548TH PHOTO INTERPRETERSGTMadalyn..
Fred M. LuppinoIBMNot Provided67 RTSCivilianSusan
Andy MackeyUSAF02/87 – 12/90548th ExploitationSSgtVeronica
Bob MaherUSAF67 RTS – 01/66 – 01/68PISgtBarbara
Les MahoneyUSAF01/80-01/82, 08/84-08/87Collateral Exp, Exploitation, Target MaterialsA1C, SSgtTammy
Josh (Forsyth) MarcielAssociate MemberAssociate Member, Bill Forsyth’s Grandson...
Cyd MarckmannUSAF7/82-8/85Briefing, OpsSgt..
Allen MarshUSAF08/89-07/91ExploitationSRA.
Frank R. MarshUSAF4/64-6/66 and 6/66-5/6867th and 548th Planning-ResearchSSGT, TSGTPat
Michael R. MartinUSAF09/83-1186Photo Lab, Select Print, Processing DivisionSGTEldora
William B. MartinUSAFNot Provided67 RTS PI BranchMSgtSumire
Steve MartzUSAF01/77-01/81Exploitation, Exploitation-CollateralSGTKyong.Suk
Tom MasonUSAF4/86-4/89Soviet Branch, Research & Analysis DivCapt.
Sean MastersUSAF12/87 – 05/91ExploitationSgtGerlinde
Al MatheneUSAFNot Provided67 RTSA1CDaphne
Mike MathersUSAF/USA1971/12/7267th RTS NCOIC Color Photo LabSSGTeresa.Mathers
Eric MathewsonArmy06/89 08/95Imagery Analyst, JICPAC, SIAD – C Co 500th MI BDESGT/E5 (Army)Tracy
Roy N. MattkeUSAF08/62-08/65CartoCaptainBarbara
Pete MaughanUSAF06/1969-06/1971 at 67th RTS, 06/71-06/75 548th67th 548th SCIFCaptainJudy.Maughan
Laurel MayerUSAF1961-196467 RTSCaptElizabeth
Samuel D. McCullochUSAFNot Provided67 RTS1LtAnita.(Deceased)
Donald McDowellUSAF06/82-06/85Target Materials, Deputy Commander for OperationsLt/ColKathleen
Jack McIntyreUSAF7/80 – 7/8367 RTS, 548 RTG CommanderColonelAlice
Mike McKeeUSAF10/68 – 8/72548th RTG Exploitation/ChartingSSGTAnn
Scott McKennaUSAF02/72 – 05/76INOESSgtMary
Ron McKinneyUSAF09/81-09/84Research & Analysis, Soviet Far EastSRA.
Mac McMakenUSAF071980-07198367RTS, 548 RTG OpsMajMarci
George McPeakUSAFMAY-61 to MAY 6367th RTS Photo LabA2CMarian
Paul MedvetzUSAF04/1954-08/1955ECMSSGTJoan
Howard MelchingUSAF04/76-04/79INOTA & Hq Sq. Cmdr.MajorDiana
Nick MertesUSAF03/80 to 03/83Lab QATSgtKaren
Jim MillerUSAF8/78-8/80ChinaE4.
Patricia (Lewis) MillerUSAF05/78 – 08/82ExploitationE4.
Ray MillerUSAF12/80-12/85Exploitation (INOC & DOE)SSgtKum.Seok
Paul A. MillsUSAFNot Provided67 RTS 1LtSwan
Mark MiznerUSAF05/77-06/79 and 08/81-01/87B&W Lab, Color lab, & Gp Operations TechSSgt, TSgt.
John A MontemerloUSAF11/65-11/6767th YokotaSGTKitty
Eldon MortensenUSAF1/55-7/5867th Photo interpretor Itami and YokotaS/SGT.
Dave MorrisUSAF08/76 – 08/80INODSSgtThen.Lisa,.Now.Lesley
Ford MoseleyUSAF02/68-08/71Photo Maint, PACAF DIRP Photo OfficerCaptNancy
Mickey Mostoller USAF07/86-01-90Processor Special Projects and Select PrintSGTCharlie
Pat MurrayUSAF12/79-12/82INOE & OPSSSGT.
Ron NeffUSAFNov. 1969 to Sep. 1971 in 548th Recon Tech GrpIntelligence Data Handling Service in the Pacaf HQ, across from hanger 3, I worked for SMSgt  Merk, and initially for SSgt Richard Clubb.SSgt
Arthur NicholsUSAF1965 – 1968Photo InterpreterSgt.
Rick NielandUSMC05/85 – 9/87ExploitationSSgt USMCSusan
Andy NietoUSN07/87-10/92TrainingIS2.
Bob NitzenbergerCivilian07/79-08/82Civilian, 67 RTS Lab, 548 RTG LabSharon
Martha (Mackey) NorthUSAF89-92ExploitationSgt.
Ben OakesUSAF12/85-12/89Photo LabSgtJune
Pat O’ConnorArmy12/75-09/77548TH Special Projects, ExploitationSpecialist 5th Class 
Lawrence W. OdellUSAFNot Provided67 RTSSSgtMary
Phil OlivaUSMC03/83-10/860GySgt USMC.
Steve OlmsteadUSAF05/69-05/7167RTS worked in ITE-5 
Mark OlsenUSAF02/81-02/82 (Det 1, 548RTG-Osan), 03/83-12/93 (548RTG-PACAF/INY)Exploitation, Exploitation, PACAF Systems, 15TISTSgt,SMSgt.
Dick O’NeilUSAF6/81-6/85Research and Analysis CenterLtColAnne
Alvin OwenUSAF67 RTS – 01/58 – 06/6267th ExploitationCaptMarilyn
Steve PagelUSAF06/79-05/83ExploitationMSgtSomjit
Jim PaineUSAF08/85 – 08/89DORMSGTCathy
Amanda ParkUSAF05/89-05/92ExploitationSrALu.Davis
Lisa Van Huss-ParkerUSAF06/89-05/92Not ProvidedSrAGary
Ken ParmanUSAF08/87 – 07/91Exploitation DivisionMSgt (E-7).
Jon E., ParmerUSAF11/79 to 03/82Photo Lab, Quality AssuranceSSGT.
John PecarinaUSAF12/75 – 06/81ExploitationTSgtPeggy
Gregg PelleymounterUSAF06/69-01/71Cartography/CompilationSgtLinda
Mike PeltoUSAF1/68 to 5/70Vault,Library,TTI photo prepE-3Joyce
Bud PhelpsUSAF12/81-09/84, 05/87-12/90DOT (ATTGs), DOT (ATTGs)SGT, SSGTJeanne
Tim PipesUSAF03/80-03/83SystemsSSgtBrenda
Forrest PittsUSAF6/68-10/71LibrarySSgtLaurie
Don PochéUSAF10/90 – 12/91 (548th) 12/91 – 10/93 (JICPAC)ExploitationSSgtCarol
Nick PullUSAF12-68-5/72Not ProvidedSgt.
 Edward C. Rapp USAF 09/54-05/57 Exec Officer 1st Lt..Mary.J..Rapp.(Joanne)
Joanne RappUSAF09/55 – 05/57Not Provided1LtEd
Paul ReckoffUSAF04/88-06/92Orderly Room and DOSSgtKay
Robin K. ReedUSAF09/85-04/89ExploitationSRA.
J. Scott ReimerUSAF10/87-07/91548thSgt 
George A RemickUSAF5/54 – 6/56ECM/DraftingA/1CBarbara
Don RepaskeyUSAF11/84-07/89548th ExploitationTSgtSharon
Luis RestoUSAF03/89-06/92548th, Photo LabSSGT.
David M RichardsUSAF10/65-02/67Photo LabE-4Sharon
Wayne RichardsUSAF12/75-08/77ExploitationSRA.
Art RilesUSAF06-92/08-94SuperintendentSMSGT.
Bob RoachUSAF67th, Yokota, 12/65-02/66; 548th, Hickam, 03/66-06/69PI/analyst, POL targettingSSgt.Meg
Leonard D Rodwell (ROD)USAFJAN 1957 – DEC 195867 RTS, 548 RTS Power Production/PackA2C.
Clinton RogersUSAF9/79 – 03/84SAO, Ops TechSMSGTNancy
Erv RokkeUSAF67 RTS – 03/65-02/67 (67RTS) 02/67-07/68 (548RTS)Cartography and OpsCaptainPamela.(Pam)
Dennis SageUSAF03/73 – 03/81Photo LabMSgtGeorgia.
Teresa SanchezUSAF5/87-6/91 thru JICPACExploitation and CATIS/MAXI MgrSgt.
Dick SaundersUSAF08/50-05/53Photomapping & ELINTS/SgtMichiko.(Deceased)
Barry SavageUSAF04/86 – 06/89Research and Analysis, China Branch, Command Intelligence BrieferCaptPeggy
Derek (Schmada) SchartzUSAF06/1990 to 09/1996Target GraphicsSRAMeg
Doug SchlappiUSAF03/70-03/73Photo InterpreterSSgtKatherine
John SchlimmerUSAF03/86-12/89Research Div (DOR) & Library/Security (SPS)MSgtDebbie
Brett SchoepflinUSAF08/87 – 10/90DOE – ExploitationSgt.
Lance SchultzUSAF04/80-04/84Research (DOR), Data Management (INOD)CaptainLynn
Nick ScoheraUSAF1982-1985DOTSSGTRita
Jeff SeehaseNot Provided1987-1991Exploitation (DOE), Research (DOR)ArmySheryl
Ullrich SeikeUSAF05/72 – 06/81Photo LabTSGTJudy
Jim SertichUSAF04/87-04/90Data Base ManagementSgtRita
Mary ShafferUSAF09/79-09-82 & 09/87-09/91ExploitationSSgt & TSgt.
Ken SharkeyUSAF04/1982 – 02/1989DOD DatabaseMsgt.
Randy SharpeUSAF04/86 – 05/89Exploitation, for Doug ArnoldSgtNeveragain
Paul S ShatzleyArmyNot Provided WO2.
Alick A. Shirley IIIUSAFNot Provided67 RTSSgtJune
C SkelleyUSAF08/87-02/91ExploitationSgtDenise
Brad SlaughUSAF05/88-02/91Target MaterialsSgtDebbie
Tamara SmithUSAF11/79-11/83548th ResearchSRAKurt.Leeper
William SnyderUSAF06/54 – 05/56548th RTS CartographyA/1CLeandra.\”Lee”
Brian SollettiUSAF10/87-10/90DOTSgtYanna
Jim SpencerUSAFNot SpecifiedExploitationMSgtSusan
Karl SpencerUSAF12/81-01/84DOTM (ATTG’s)SRAMolly
JoAnn (Nagy) SpiridigliozziUSAF10/76-7/82Orderly RoomSSgtTony
Kevin SpringerUSAF03/86 – 07/91LabTSgtCindy
Randy StaggsARMY06/87-10/93Army. Spec Ops cellSSG.
Jerry StahlUSAF09/85-07/92548th Target Materials and SystemsMSgtRosemary
Hobie StatzerUSAF1971-1975LabSMSgtWinnie
Walter Stevens  USAF73-74CommanderColonel.
Elton StokesUSAF01/72-06/75ExploitationTSgtBernice
Tracey (Hough) SullivanUSAF01/86-08/90ExploitationSgt.
Craig SweetUSAF06/81-06/84GraphicsMSgtElizabeth
Steve SwiftUSAFJICPAC 10/94 – 10/97 (Associate Member)Superintendent, INISMSgtSusan
Tim TadyUSA03/81 – 03/85ExploitationSSGAngie
Ivan TalleyUSAF08/82-07/84Priority ExploitationSSGTSheila
Gary TaylorUSAF12/70-09/73Exploitation & Research SupportSgt.Heidi
Gil TaylorUSAF67th RTS May 1965 until May 196867 RTSCaptainCynthia
Kelly Tellez (McBride)USAF01/01/1989 –ExploitationSSgtMark.Tellez
Betty TerrillUSAF7/63 – 7/6767 RTS WifeTSgtJohn.”Tex”.(Deceased)
Frenchie Thomas USAF07/66-07/69GraphicsSSgtMelanie
Tom ThompsonUSAF12/51-03/54PI A/1CDonna.L
James “JT” TigueUSAFNot ProvidedExploitation/distributionSrAPenelope
Cliff TineNavy68-70NRTSCNot Provided (Navy).
Bob TouchstonUSAF80-82INOE 702SRADiana
Dave TresslerUSAF11/76-11/80Target MaterialsSgtCyndi
Scott TriboletUSAF05/87-06/91Exploitation Colletion MgtSSgt.
Rob Turner USAF06/88-06/91Target MaterialsSGTMichelle
Lou (T) TyrombleyUSAF09/72-09/76LabSSgtPat
Mike ValeUSAF05/1966-12/1968Photo Interpreter, LaosSgtLaura
Joe Van BurenUSAF10/87-10/91Special ProjectsSSgtRanee
Barry VanderpoolUSAF03/85-03/88ExploitationA!CKathy
Ted VanHoutenUSAF06/87-10/93IBM Systems DatabaseTSgtMaria
Russ VaughanUSAF07/87-12/01ExploitationSgtMichele
Don WaddellUSAF06/83 – 04/88Exploitation Division, Deputy Commander SupportMajorJane
Dan WaddleUSAF75-76CommanderColonelBeverly
Wayne D. WainrightUSAF05/68 – 06/70Administration OfficeE4Thoma
Don WalkerUSAF67RTS, 06/63-06/65, 548th, 04/65-06/66, 07/77-05/83Exploitation, Exploitation, ExploitationMSgtDorothy
Samuel WalkerUSAF03/71-04/73ExploitationSgtJanet
Nancy WaltersUSAFNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot Provided.
Chuck WeaverUSAF02/82-08/87DORC (Research & Analysis, Soviet/Far East Branch)CMSgtHue.(pronounced.”way”)
Tim WelchUSAF07/85-07/88548th RTG, precision, special projects, chem mixA1CNancy
Joe WellerUSAF08/76 – 07/79, 02/86-12/87IPAC-Daily Briefing Team, Intel (Film) LibraryTSGT.
Ricardo WesleyUSAF03/1982-02-1985LabNot Provided.
Barbara WheelerUSAF06/87-06/91DOE/QCSSgt, SSgtGreg.Sweetman
Frank WhiteUSAFNot Provided67 RTSCaptDorothy
Walter J. WhitmanUSAF09/69-03/71, 04/71-03/7367th – Exploitation, 548th – Exploitation1Lt, CaptainKatherine.(Kitty)
Dennis WhittakerUSAF10/68-01/72Photo InterpreterSGTMary.Jane
Mary Jane (Ogilvie) WhittakerUSAF01/69-03/71Admin. Messaging CenterSSgtDennis.Whittaker
John Wickman USAF10/85 – 9/89ExploitationSSGTNancy
Fred WilesUSAF (later joined the Navy)10/85-03/88ExploitationSRAJill
Lynn A WilhelmUSAFNov 77-Nov 82LABMSgt.
Bill WillardUSAF10/65 – 02/69Photo Intel, LibrarySgtSue
Susie WillardUSAF2/68 – 5/70Admin-Commanders OfficeE4Bill
James WilsonUSAF10/84 and 12/1988TTMG – Target MaterialsSSgt.
Kevin WootonUSAF01/88-6/91Research & Analysis (Soviet Far East Branch), ExploitationCaptainElizabeth
Ron YoungUSAFMay 1985 – Jun 1988548RTG Target Materials DivisionSSgtElise
Ronald YoungUSAF05/85-06/88DOR – Target Materials DivisionSSGTElise
Jim ZellmerUSAF06/76-06/79ExploitationTSgtConnie