67th RTS Itami AB

Itami Air Base 1956 or 1957, 67th Tac Recon SQ B-26’s on the flight line.  (Photo Courtesy of Gordon H. Nieburg)

1954, the 67th RTS arrives at Itami Air Base, Japan, then a suburb of Osaka 

1954 Itami Air Base

1954 Map of Itami

Major W.W. Robinson, 67 RTS Commander 1954

Major White, 67 RTS Commander 1955

July 1956

1954 67 RTS Personnel, Itami AB

1954 67 RTS Personnel Itami AB

1954 67 RTS right site

1954 67 RTS left side

67 RTS Itami Air Base, Japan 1954 and 1955

1955 Itami Air Base Champs

The former Itami Air Base is now the terminal  area and ramp of the Osaka International Airport, note hangars upper right are still there, today’s runways extend far off the photo to right.