548th Open House

The below photos are from an open house, possibly the opening of Hangar 3. (Photo courtesy of Tom Russell)

Open House 1974 Handout (Courtesy of Ulrich Seike)

Open House 1975 photo of Hickam AFB.  New MAC Terminal just constructed

May 1979 Open House

The below four pages from the 1983 Open House Handout are from the 548th Facebook Page

(Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Joe Weller as Coco the Clown with Pat Fuller from PACAF at a Recce open house in 1977 or 78. Pat was the PACAF/DO/XP/548th Queen candidate for the Air Force Hawaii Youth Festival.  Pat was a SRA assigned to PACAF/DOIT and was good friends with Dan Kissee. (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller]

Joe Weller as Coco the Clown at a Recce open house in 1977 or 78. (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller)

Open House 1979 (Photo courtesy of Bill Forsyth)

(Courtesy of Herb Boasso)

Open House 1982, Major Garnett Howard briefing Col Larry Church, PACAF/IN, Maj Gen Bedke, PACAF/DOI, and their families (Courtesy of Garnett Howard)

Briefing Col Brock, PACAF/INY, and his family (Courtesy of Garnett Howard)

Provided by Bill Germer)