548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association


Three Amigos (Left to right "Wilbur" Fraleigh, Ron Boyerdee, Jim "I'm Not Really Jewish" Miller) (Photo courtesy of Jim Miller)

548RTG change of command ceremony. Grady Batchelor on left, along with others from the 548RTG. (Photo courtesy of Grady Batchelor)
 Grady Batchelor receiving Airman of the Year from Colonel Boasso.  (Photo courtesy of Grady Batchelor)

Chris Biskup, center is unknown and Grady Batchelor being promoted to Sergeant. (Photo courtesy of Grady Batchelor)

Gunny Ski and Jim Rees, Octoberfest 86 at the Hale Koa (Photo courtesy of Chris Goetz Facebook page)

Halloween party in Jim Belk's backyard 1983. (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer's Facebook page)

Jim Belk's Halloween party, Karla Gorrell, Russ Gorrell, Ann O'Neal, Dick O'Neal.  {Photo courtesy of Bill Germer's Facebook page)

Halloween party at Jim Belk's
house 1983, Karla Gorrell, Spenser Reese, Ron McKinney, Russ Gorrell, Russ Gorrell, Dan Turgeon? (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer's Facebook page)

548th Christmas Party at Ft. Shafter - 1985.  Barbara Arnold, Joe Remini, and Pam Weed. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Alane Jesperson handing out gifts at the Children's Christmas party 1986. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Major Wilson talking to Amber Arnold at a Recce Social 1985. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Here's a stroll down memory lane----Russ, Karla, Angelique and Gina Gorrell after a wedding at the O' Club at Hickam AFB in 1982. We loved Hawaii and it was one of our best assignments. Russ retired with 27 years, 11 months and 8 days----and we've moved 31 time in 35 years of marriage!! Would love to come to a reunion! (Photo courtesy of Russ Gorrell)

LTC Boasso presenting Lt Copeland with  the Company Grade Officer of the Year Award in 1988 (Photo courtesy of Nate Copeland)

The Lt’s were an extremely close bunch back in those days.  Lt’s Wooten, Locke, Mason, Lewis, Lindsay, and Copeland with the Easter Bunny (Photo courtesy of Lt Copeland)

Lt Wooten, LT Stafford, LT Locke, and Lt Copeland at Bellows Beach. (Photo courtesy of Nate Copeland)

548RTG First Sergeant, Chief Malcolm, taken at the Sportsman's Rod & Gun Club store at the old Wiawa Military Reservation (near Wahiawa) in 1978 where Dave was the Store Manager.  Chief Malcolm passed away.  (Photo courtesy of Howard Melching, who was the Rod and Gun Club President from 1978-1979 and also our HQ Sq Cmdr)
 1978 Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi with 548th awardees, on left Capt Howard Melching, on right end Col Ken Orr, to his left, TSgt Bob Todd, (NCO of the Year) A1C David Morris (Airman of the Year, On Sept 30, 2014, Dave posted "What a blast from the past.  At the time an A1C.  I had just received Airman of the Year.  We had a photo session with the Mayor and one of the gifts was a weekend at a the Ala Moana Hotel…. Another great memory of my time at the 548RTG"), and unknown., (Photo courtesy of Howard Melching)

548 RTG Awardees with Hawaii Governor 1984, L-R 1Lt Lance Shultz, TSgt Holmes, Governor George Ariyoshi, Patsy Kam Cyd Marckmann and Craig Sweet (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

548 RTG Awardees with Mayor 1984 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

548th Presentation to Honolulu Mayor 1984 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

548th wins 1st place in Christmas display contest 1987 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Chief Miller Reenlistment 1984 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Cols Benson and Grant after Change of Command 1985 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Gen O'Malley, PACAF CC at 548th (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Morris Promotion (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Col Grant passing the Gooney Ball to Sgt Seelig (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Royal Thai Air Force PI training graduation (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

Royal Thai Air Force visit the Lab (Photo Courtesy of Jim Grant)

Jodi Lien, Frank Highsmith, John Lien, Chris Biskup (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer)

Some party. Jim Paine, Jim Rees, Bill Forsyth, Teresa Coleman, ? (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer)

Ulchi Focus Lens 85.  Paradise Lake, Songtan, outside Osan AB, Korea.  George Fite, Tani Kennesy, Bill Germer, Rich Laroche, Doug Arnold. (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer)

Here's a photo of J. Scott "Picklehead" Reimer reenlisting on top of Diamond Head. Holding the flag is Tom Gerding, who has a mysterious habit of turning up in nearly every photo. Do not know the identity of the officer doing the swearing in (1LT Chris Stafford??). (Photo courtesy of Allen Marsh)

Col McIntyre (Photo provided by Herb Boasso)
Ben Oakes Promotion to Sgt (Photo courtesy of Ben Oakes, 548th RTG Facebook page)


CMSgt Bill Janssen. Kristine Goetz said of him:  This man will forever be the epitome of a First Sergeant to me. I have never yet met a Shirt who matches this man. Wherever he is now, I hope he knows what a difference he made.   (Photo courtesy of Kristine Goetz548th RTG Facebook page)

Christmas Party (Now it would be a "Holiday Party" and that would be punch instead of adult beverages!!!), Chris Stafford, Frank Highsmith, John Lien, Rocky Walters  (Photos courtesy of Jim Sertich Facebook page)

SRA Bourassa promotion to Sgt (Photo Courtesy of Garnett Howard)

Tracey Riggins Promotion to SRA (Photo Courtesy of Garnett Howard, Tracey's name provided by Steve Swift)
TJ Jackson Collection

548th RTG People

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