548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association

Names of Attendees

** Former Commanders *DV

John (Andy) Anderson
Art and Susan Beidler
Dave and Lianne Belote
** Col (ret) Larry Benson and Sirima Benson

John Bernat

Chris, Karen and Colby Biskup (Daughter)

Doc and Leah Blanchard

** Col (ret) Herb Boasso and Mary Ellen Boasso

Cecil Brown, Phyllis Brown, Erika Brown, 
Dereck Brown, Doris Brown, Natalie Blommel, 
Charles Brown, Hazel Brown, Brad and Joyce Tyson, Ronald Decker, Neal Reinemann 

Connie (Osburn) Calvin

David and Vickie Cook and Alyssa Dingler (Niece)

Denver and Mia Cook (Daughter)

Terry Deininger

Maureen DeNunzio

Pete and Jo Ann Durnell

Fumiko Fisher-Fosdick and Roger Fosdick

Bill Forsyth 

Andy Gaudreau

Bill Germer

Kris Goetz

** BG (ret) Jim Grant

John and Jenny Hagen

Charles and Deborah Harding

Fred and Sue Hoover

Steve and Debbie Combs-Irish

Bob Kaminski

Ken and Beverly Kelly

Kevin and Margaret Kenney

Mike Kiser, Zack Gallagher, Jamie Gallagher, Marie Reale, Philip Reale, SFC Michael Kiser (Son)

Harry and Linda Lindquist

Les Mahoney and Tammy Ridenour

Pete and Judy Maughan

*Col (ret) Laurel Mayer

Nick Mertes

** (67RTS) Col (ret) Michael Mitchell and 
Ginny Mitchell

Mark Mizner

*Col (ret) Larry Odell and Joan Odell

Steve and Somjit Pagel

Jim and Cathy Paine

J. Scott Reimer-Van Huss (aka Picklehead) and Lisa Reimer-Van Huss

*Col (ret) Wolfgang Samuel and Joan Samuel (Guest Speaker)

** Col (ret) Lee Schatzley and Carol Graff

Jeff and Sheryl Seehase

Bill Setchell

Chuck Skelley

Bruce Skinner

Randy and Holly Staggs

Jerry and Rosemary Stahl

Gary and Heidi Taylor

Tony Thompson (National Anthem)

Don and Jane Waddell

Frank White and Bernard White (Brother)

Fred and Jill Wiles

James Wilson

Robert Young

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