548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association


Exploitation (INOE) recall roster from 1979 (Courtesy of John Pecarina)

548th RTS Yokota during the Korean War (Photo courtesy of James Landrum)  James wrote:  
Here attached is the only photo I have ever seen of the front of the 548th Photo lab where all recon photos taken by the 91st and 98 B29 Wings where processed. Targets for the next night's bombing were selected here. 
 This attached photo was taken using my camera and it is James Landrum standing in front of the 548th Photo lab. The "Top Secret" 548th was located in a building next to the photo lab site (I have many photos but have never published them) of the Top Secret building.
 In that Intelligence building we debriefed the crews of the 91st Wing using B29  after a Recon missions and sent the reports to a multitude of Military Units(27) inlcuding FEAF,and Washington DC. (see book: I Remember Korea (Landrum's Story). 
 The Top Secret Intelligence recon work of the 548th was limited to few knowing what we were doing including those at YAF.

James Landrum
Former USAF intelligence 
548th RTS
2466th Intelligence /434th TCW
Christian Food and Medical Ministry 

548 RTS March 1954, BX Cafeteria, Yokota AB, Japan (Photo courtsey of Tom Thompson)

548 RTS Barracks (White buildings), Yokota AB, Japan, March 1954 (Photo courtesy of Tom Thompson)

The following two orders show some of the personnel assigned to the 548 RTS in early 1955 (Courtesy of Arlie Burns)

The following seven shots were provided by Dick Dahlke who was assigned to the 548th during and after the Korean War.

Certificates presented to Mike Vale while assigned to the 548 RTS in building 206 and after the move to Hangar Three (Photos courtesy of Mike Vale)

548th RTS recall roster from 1966 (courtesy of Dave Richards)

U-2 inside hangar 3 in 1965, before contruction of building inside the hangar which later housed the 548 RTG.  (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

Hangar 3 in 1965 when it really was a hangar that housed the U-2 (Courtesy of Dave RIchards)

Street view of hangar 3 in 1965 (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

 "The Termite Palace", 548 RTS/RTG barracks located where the Honolulu Airport Inter Island Terminal is now (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS Patch and 1 Dec 1955 letter from HQ USAF authorizing it (Courtesy of Dave Richards.

548 RTS gift Col. Rhode gave to airman discharging from the 548th. I don't know if he made them or had them made either way I was proud to receive them. (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

Hanging the 548th RTS sign on building 206, Hickam AFB, October 1965. (Courtesy of Dave Richards) 

General Hunter Harris and General Sam Maddux attended the hanging of the 548th RTS sign, Col Storm Rhode on right.  (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

Det One 67th RTS compound at Hickam AFB.  (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

Det One 67th RTS, Hickam AFB.  Det One was deactivated on 8 October 1965 and became the 548th RTS, which was activated on the same day. (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

Wheeler AB, aftermath of Hurricane Iwa November 24, 1982. I remember we didn't get power back until the late afternoon of Thanksgiving Day. (Photo and caption from 548th Facebook Page)

Weathersat image of Hurrican Iwa. Note the islands outlined in upper center-right quadrant. (From 548h Facebook Page)

The original 548th patch ordered by Col Byron L. Schatzley, the later patches had the motto on them.  (Courtesy of Col (ret) Byron L. Schatzley)

The original art work for the design of the 548th RTG logo which Col Schatzley sent to heraldry, which approved it (Courtesy of Col (Ret) Byron L. Schatzley)

Farewell Gift is a press plate mounted under plexiglass on an 18" x 18" slab of mahogany. It was fabricated by the 548th maintenance shop. (Courtesy of Col (Ret) Byron L. Schatzley)

Col Schatzley had this  Monkeypod Carving  made in the Philippines.(Courtesy of Col (Ret) Byron L. Schatzley)

Col Schatzley's 6th Photo Technical Squadron (6th PTS) sweat suit, 6th PTS later became the 548th RTG. (Courtesy of Col (Ret) Byron L. Schatzley)

548th Children's Christmas Party 1986.  In photo Evonne Guidara and Amber Arnold. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

The opening of Hangar Three (Courtesty of Michael Bernstein)

 The opening of Hangar Three (Courtesty of Michael Bernstein)

Hickam AFB Youth festival. CMSgt Post (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer's Facebook page)

1983 Hickam Youth festival. (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer's Facebook page)


Hickam Youth Festival. Roger Desantis & Ron McKinney (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer's Facebook page)

548th/PIC film strip (Courtesy of Bill Germer' Facebook page)

548th helping out Hawaii.  Joe Weller as Santa on behalf of the 1st Term Airmans Council. We sponsored a troop of mentally disadvantaged boy scouts and supported them by selling our blood for $17 a pint. That's Paul Grice & I think a Msgt Johnson in the background. (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller)

548th Children's Christmas Party, circ 1979, Ann Forsyth and Santa (Who???) (Photo courtesy of Bill Forsyth)

Allen Marsh says he is not a pack-rat. But for some reason, he still has Brian LaBounty's DOE recall roster from January 1990. Note how many of the enlisted folks at the bottom have the notation "no phone." Imagine that happening today. His 9-year-old daughter has a cell phone!  (Courtesy of Allen Marsh)

All of these are from the article about the 548th that was printed in the "Hawaiian Falcon" in August of 1989.  The top photo shows SSgt Charles Baker and Sgt Ray Nelson.  The center left picture shows A1C Richard Nickle, TSgt Robert Kuehne, and SSgt Richard Ondich.  The center right photo is TSgt Michael Kiser and Sgt Daniel Kalcun.  The bottom photo shows SSgt Bud Phelps and A1C Ashiya Williams. (Courtesy of Herb Boasso)

Santa sighting, Christmas at the 548th!!  (Courtesy of Tom Kenny)

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