548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association

Membership Roster


One New Member
David Dobbins
548 RTG (TDY From FICPAC) Exploitation 
4/81 - 4/82

(Last updated: 3/31/20

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Name Time at 548th Where Worked Name Spouse
Bob Ackerman 01/79 - 01/81 Exploitation SGT Rana
Charles Adams 09/1975-06/1979 Satellite Exploitation   Trudi
I.Z. Peter Ahammer   67 RTS    
Max Alexander   67 RTS   Lillian
Patrick Alexander 03/87-07/91 Target Materials Msgt Christine
Eric Anderson 07/82-07/84 548th Library, Priority Exploitation    
John (Andy) Anderson 01/71-10/74, 11/75-07/79 Exploitation, Exploitation SSgt, SSgt Patti
Robert P. Anderson Not Provided 67 RTS   Laura
Peter Aradi 02/62-01/66 Lab   Shigemi
Becky Archer 12/86-12-90 Targets, Data Administration SSgt  
Rob Ardizzoni 12/85-12/88 Target Materials Sgt Sue
Barbara (Clogston) Arnold 04/84-06/89 CATIS DBA Sgt Doug 
Doug Arnold 10/83 - 12/89 DOD Databases TSgt Barbara
Peter (Bailey) Baker (67th) 06/65-05/66 and (548th) 05/66-08/68  ATM-OPs and Planning at 67th and 548th SGT Glee
Bob Barfus 67 RTS 1958 - 1962  Photo Lab and Assistant in Capt Glass's Office   Hitomi
Big John Barlow 1 Sep 70-1 Sep 72 PADAF-OIC Photo Intrp Branch Capt  
Steve Barr 01/77-05/79   E3  
Jeff Bartolucci 09/89 - 10/95 (ended with JICPAC) Training and also Security Manager with MSGT Schlimmer, the smoker)   Shelby
Brad Bartter 10/85 - 06/91 Exploitation, Research and Analysis, First Sergeant MSgt Myong
Mark Haynie Bastian 04/68 - 04/70 Precision Lab    
Grady Batchelor 04/86-04/89 Exploitation Sgt Jennifer
Ildrid Bates 06/85-06/92 Lab SSGT  
Eddie Bauer 04-77/10-77 Exploitation IS2 E-5 Margo
Bobbie (Johnson) Beard 01/68-05/70 PADAF SSgt N/A
Dave Becker 11/69 - 04/71 - 67RTS, 04/71 - 11-73 548 RTG 67 RTS Orderly Room  SSgt Kathy
Art Beidler 67 RTS - 04/59-04/61 and 02/67-03/70  Reference Library and Exploitation-Editor   Susan
Jim Belk 07/82-07/85 Exploitation Capt Lori
Ken Bell 548 RTG 1980-83      
Dave Belote 01/77-12/80 Data Management Division (INOD) SSgt Lianne
Col (Ret) Larry L. Benson 12/70-08/73, 09/85-07/88 67 RTS, 548 RTG: Generic (Staff), Commander, PACAF/IN Exec Capt (O-3), Colonel (O-6), Sirima
John A. Bernat 10/70-9/74 67 RTS, 548 RTG:  Exploitation Captain Anne
Daniel Berns 1974-1977  548th, Continuous Photo Process     
Michael Bernstein 08/67-08/70 Photo Lab E4 Terry
Sue (Baldwin) Best 08/84-08/87 Target Materials SSgt Bob
Chris Biskup 09/85 -09/89 Research and Analysis Sgt Karen
Scott Bixler 06/82-08/85 INOE Priority Exploitation SRA Irma
David L Blakley 09/82-09/85 and 04/08-04/10 548RTG/AFSSO PACAF and 50IS BEALE SGT, TSgt  
Richard Blanchard (Doc) 4/70-8/73 67 RTS PI Floor, 548 RTG Exploitation Msgt Leah
Charles E. Blanton II 04/67-09/70 Photo Maint. E4  
Paul Blouin 08/79-08/86 Special Projects Lab Tsgt Galina
Herb Boasso 06/88 - 07/91 Commander Col. Mary Ellen
Ron Boyer 08/78-09-81 SCI Library SSgt Cissy
Jocelyn Broussard 4/88-7/91, JICPAC Lab SRA  
Louis "Cecil" Brown, Jr.  04/71-07/73 67 RTS PI Floor, 548 RTG Exploitation Ctr Capt Phyllis 
Michael Brown 06/68 - 03/70 Analyst at Pacific Air Defense Analysis Facility Sgt Gail
Jim Buchan 07/76-12/79, 05/83-05/86   Defensive Systems Team, Target Materials Branch, Special Briefing Team A SSgt, MSgt Helen
Arlie Burns 1954-1955 Library SSGT Sylvia
Jim Cahoe 06/86-06/90 DOR IST SSgt Libby (Elizabeth)
Connie Osburn Calvin 01/87 - 06/91 Photo Lab SSgt Josh (MSgt, Ret, Deceased)
Janice Cannon 07/1985-06/95 Lab SSgt  
Mike Carey 10/86-01/89 Target Materials SQNLDR RAAF  
Garry Casey 01/73-04/76 Lab SSgt Kwi Chul
Mitch Catanzaro 01/85-11/88 Research and Analysis, Soviet Far East Branch TSgt  
Phil Cavanagh   67 RTS MSgt Nona
Michael Charlie 04/79-05/83 Special Projects SSgt  
Tresa Chastain 11/1981 - 06/1985 Photo Lab SSgt  
Greg Chatham 11/73-8/75 Target Materials A1C Diana
Kevin Chavis 01/83-12/90 Exploitation TSgt  
Mike Chesser 05/89-05/93 Library/Exploitation SRA Shirley
Marianne Chisholm 03/83 - 10/86 Imagery Interpretation Sgt Tsgt Michael Chisholm
David Chittim 08/90-07/91 Exploitation Sgt Shelly
Steven Clark 08/82-08/85  Library, DOE,DOE, INOEC, INOE, Priority Exploitation, Exploitation Team SRA E-4,SSgt  
Grady Clark 11/79-11/81, 12/86-12/90 Exploitation Sgt, MSgt Peggy
John D Clevenger 67 RTS - 01/67 - 05/71 IDHS   Linda
Lou Colucci 7/68-1/71 548th RTG Cartographic Unit SSGT Paula
David C Cook 05/87-06/91 Lab TSgt Vickie
Denver Cook 04/70-07/73 Exploitation Sgt  
Donald Cooper 09/54-08/56 Photo Lab, Operations A1C (3 stripes)  
Nate Copeland 09/86- 06/89 Research and Analysis- Southeast Asia Branch Capt Sherri
Walt Covington 67 RTS - 02/68 - 02/71 Photo Lab   Maryann
Papo Cruz 12/86-8/92 548th Photo lab    
Dick Dahlke ? /1952-11/55 PI and Operations Buck Sgt./Airman 1st Margaret S.
Theo Daley 67th-Sep 69-Apr 71, 548-Apr 71-Sep72 Photo Interp   Jacqui
Dan Daniels 03/77-02/85  Library  TSgt Nancy
Kirk Darling Jun/75-Jun/79 Exploitation SSgt Jackie
David Dean   05/80-08/81 Research and Analysis Center Maj Susan
Terry Deininger 08/85 - 08/89 Target Materials Sgt Cathy
Maureen DeNunzio 7/85-10/90 Target Materials, Training SSgt  
Phil Desjardins 1/78 Target Assessment Center, Deputy Commander of Operations Colonel Margaret
Guy Dille 02/49-11/51 Photo Lab SSgt Dorothy
Dave Dinehart 03/72-03/76 and 01/79-01/84 Exploitation Sgt, SSgt  
David S Dobbins 04/81-04/82 548th RTG, Exploitation IS2 Becky
John Dohm 09/70 - 05/73 Photo Lab Sgt Marie
Roger E. Doss Not Provided 67 RTS PI Branch   Tomoe (Deceased)
Darrel Dudley 06/87 - 12/90 Maintenance Sgt Lynn
Pete Durnell 67RTS - 09/67-09/70 Exploitation (PI) and Special Activities Office Captain (at 67th) Jo Ann
Gene I. Ebron 07/72-07/76 67 RTS Lab, 548 RTG Lab Captain Gale
Garry Elliott 09/88-09/91 Lab SrA Teresa
Pete Escalante 12/84 - 12/87 PACOPS INOE, INO SSgt  
Donald Fairfield 1953-1954 67th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron SSgt Don
Doug Fischer 04/81-04/83 Research and Analysis, JICPAC 07/92 - 07/95 SrA Carrie
Fumiko Fisher-Fosdick Not Provided 67 RTS PI Branch (Capt Richard Fisher)   Capt Richard Fisher (Deceased)
Chet Flammini 05/77-05/79 Exploitation, Target Materials   Hwa
Joe Ford 09/70-07/81, 11/85-11/89 INOD, INX, DOE SMSgt, CMSgt Kyong Suk
Bill Forsyth 67 RTS 1/70 - 05/71 548 RTG 06/72 - 07/81, 7/83 - 9/91 67 RTS PI Floor, 548 RTG Exploitation, Special Projects, Research and Analysis MSgt, SMSgt Sue-me
Kevin Fraleigh 5/78 - 4/82, 7/86 - 7/91 Exploitation,Target Materials, Research and Analysis SSgt,TSgt Malette
Albert F. Franks, Jr. Not Provided 67 RTS   Fumiko
Lori Fredell 1979-1982 ? Exploitation    Jeff Patten
Rudy Gable 12/71-12/73   Sgt Arlene
Bob Gallagher 03/83 - 03/86 Research and Analysis Division (Admin), Admin in Research and Analysis Division SRA  
Bobby Garrett 10/65 - 10/68 Photo Interpreter, Special Projects, ATC Chart Compilation SSgt Janie
Wayne Gass 07/83-07/86 Exploitation SSgt Carole
Rick Gault 5/89-7/91, JICPAC 7/91-94 Exploitation SSgt Ann Marie
Tom Geaghan 01/79-06/83, 06/84-10/87 Exploitation SSgt, TSgt Patricia
Bill Germer   Exploitation,Briefing, Ops Tech Sgt, TSgt  
Kristine Goetz 09/85 - 02/90 Research and Analysis Division Buck Sergeant  
Gary Gohn 11/80-11/83 INOD, INY-HQ TSgt Janie
Benny Gomes 02/77-02/81, 09/84-06/92 DOTM , DORA S.E. Asia Branch SSgt  
Russ Gorrell 01/81-12/83 Chief, Soviet Far East Branch of Research and Analysis Division 1Lt Karla
Melissa Gorsuch 04/85-09/89 Exploitation E4 Paul Martin
John Gotch Not Provided 67 RTS 548 RTG Not Provided  
Jim Grant 06/81 - 06/87 CC Colonel  
Bobby Gray 03/86-03/89 LAB SGT Penny
Bobby Greathouse 03/78 - 04/82, 10/82-7/87 Logistic Division, Plans and Programs CMSgt, GS-11  
Steven Greco 12/87 – 12/90 Director, Photo Processing Division Capt Akemi
Bert Green Sep 1973-Sep 1986 Exploitation, Training NCO, and Det 1 SSgt, TSgt Bonnie
George Greenia 6/82-6/85 Admin Sgt Carrie
Phil Gerg 02/71-07/74 Lab TSgt Jeanne
Mike "Griff" Griffin 03/83-03/87 Exploitation/Training TSgt Donna
Mike Gross 01/83 - 12/88 Target Materials (DOT) TSgt Dee (remarried since PCS)
Gary Gruver 01/1976 - 01/1978 548th, PI   Colleen 
William Grzeskowiak  (aka: Gunny, or Bill, or Ski) 10/85-08/88, 03/95-07/97 Research/Analysis, Special Ops, Targets,Amphibious Expeditionary Warfare GySgt, MGySgt USMC Pat
Chris Gutterson   3/90-7/91 Exploitation A!C Kristen
Keith Haessly 10/90-07/91 Exploitation SrA  
John Hagen 01/86 - 04/89 Data Management, Resources Branch, and Research and Analysis Division 2 Lt - Capt Jenny
Don Hall 8/50 2/53 photomapping/cartog Sgt Frances (Deceased)
Fred Hamilton 05/71-05/73 Photo System Maintenance SSgt Kate
Vern Hamilton   67 RTS SSgt Kathy
Charles Harding Jr. 07/83-10/86 NCOIC of Graphics MSgt Deborah (Debbie)
Terrie Harris 06/79-06-81 Library Sgt Bill
Dave Hash 02/87-04/91 Special Projects SSGT Carrie
William Heath 1969-71 at 67th - 1971-74 in 548th Photo Lab   Sally
Larry G.Henderson 02/71-06/74 67 RTS PI Floor, 548 RTG Exploitation CMSgt Shirley
Mark (Hank) Henry 10/87-10/90 Exploitation (DOE) Sgt Michelle
Joe Herold 12/79 to 04/82 Imagery Exploitation SSgt Kathy
Eddie Hickman   Not Provided   Debra
Erik Hickman 04/88 - 09/91 Targeting SRA  
Frank Highsmith 01/86-07/91 Research DOR, Training E-7 Linda
Gaylord Hinshaw 10/81-10/83 Lab Maintenance SRA  
Todd Holloway 06/78-11/82 and 06/90-07/99 Lab SSGT,TSGT  
Fred Hoover 04/86-06/91 Target Materials Division MSgt Sue
Tim Houghton 07/73-06/77 Hq Squadron, HQ PACAF Ops & Intel 77-79, HQ PACAF Cmd Section 79-80, CINCPAC 86-89, HQ PACAF XP 89-91 Captain Mary (Joyce)
Jack Houlgate 06/70-07/76 IDHS, Data Management Major Judith
Chad Howard 01/91-07/92 Imagery Exploitation CMSgt Rachel
Garnett Howard 07/80 - 07/83 Exploitation Center Lt Col  
Keith Howard Oct 77 - Sep 82 Library SRA  
Bob Huebert 06/78-04/8181 Exploitation CMSgt Ruth
Ron Ilgenfritz 05/66 - 08/67 67th - Photo Lab E-4  
Steve Irish 05/71-05/72 Exploitation SSGT Deborah
Larry W. Isenhour Not Provided 67 RTS    
TJ Jackson 08/87-09/91 Research Soviet    
Bill Janssen 05/85 - 06/88 1st SGT (Shirt) Sr. Master Sgt. Sherry
Eileen Jennings 01/90-07/91 & 07/91-12/94 (Hgr 3) Target Materials SrA/SSgt Jason
Merrill Jensen 11/78 - 11/ 81 Target Materials SSGT  
Mark Jessop (Jess) 12/68 - 02/72   Sgt  
Bill Johanson 548RTG 12/67-01/71 Photo Lab, Hickam    
Dean Johnson Oct 1976 - Oct 1979    SSgt Rosie
Jay Johnson 04/70-07/73 Photo Imagery Exploitation Sgt Lisa
Jim Johnson 06/85 - 05/88 Special Projects, Color Lab SGT Colleen
Mary Johnson 03/86-01/91 Systems 1LT Willie
Randy Johnson 1984-1992 548RTG (PACAF/INY) SMSgt Lori
Terrell "TJ" Johnson 06/89-09/92 Exploitation SRA Michelle
Willie Johnson 02/73-02/74, 03/86-01/91 Imagery Exploitation, Imagery Exploitation Sgt, MSgt Mary
Arthur Jolly 09/76-10/80 Exploitation    
Carol Jones 11/76-09/79 Edit, Exploitation SSgt  
James T Kalahar 06/66-08/69 548th Tactical Targets, ATC Compilation Sgt Vida M Kalahar
Robert Keller 07/87-03/90 FICPAC (Associate Member) US Navy Kathie
Tim Kelley 01/1976 - 06/1979 Chem. Mix SSGT Linda
R.Kenneth Kelly 01/71-07-73 67 RTS PI Floor, 548 RTG Exploitation Major Beverly
Bobby Kendrick 03/90-07/91 Exploitation, JICPAC SRA  
John E. Kennedy 10/62 - 4/65 67 RTS Operations    
Kevin Kenney 05/86 - 01/89 Exploitation SSG U.S. Army Margaret
Margaret Kenney 08/87 - 05/90 Exploitation SSGT Kevin
John Kephart 09/83 - 09/85 Photo lab A1C Sandy
Annie (Sessions) Kiely PCS at JICPAC Conversion  Research and Analysis, Soviet Branch 1Lt Douglas
Tony King Feb 1972 - June 1973 Group Admin SSgt  
John Kipp 8/70-12/72 Photo Lab Sgt  
Mike Kiser 04/80-04/84 Film Library, Exploitation SSgt,TSgt n/a
John Klein  08/51-01/54 Supply SSgt Genevieve 
Christopher Knowles 09/71-08/73 Cartographics SSGT Mary
Dave Koch 12/15/73-02/15/74 Lab Contractor (Associate Member) Theresa
Dan Kolcun 01/86 - 12/89 Exploitation Sgt Alana
Jon Kores 12/65-05/69 67TH GREEN DOOR,PI FLOOR,EXPLOITATION   Kathleen
Jeff Krecker 5/89-3/91(RTG) & 3/08-10/09 (ISRG) Exploitation SRA Nancy
Darren Krumwiede Not Provided 548th Target Material and Library   Pam
Steve Krywany 09/85-09/88 Select Print Photo SrA  
Rich La Roche   Research and Analysis TSgt Joni
William Lakner (Bill) 02/65-07/66 67RTS , 548 RTS Exploitation SSgt Sandie
Bob Lambert 1965-1968, 1979-1980 Defense Analysis,Chief HQ.PACAF Intelligence, PACom Air Defense Analysis Facility (Associate Member) Lt. Colonel, Colonel Chloe
Shorty Lantry 08/85-08/90 Photo Lab SSgt Ileana
Chip Lane 05/87 - 05/93 DOR SSgt Julie
Mike Lane 06/82-09-85 Research and Analysis (N Korea, Southeast Asia) SRA Heather
Andy Laning 02/88-06-90 First Sergeant SMSgt Serap
Walter (Leo) LeConte 6/69-6/71 Photo Lab SGT. Kathy Hartley
Cathy Lesniewski 07/85-12/88 Exploitation SGT  
Cyril J. Letzelter Not Provided 67 RTS   Faith
John Lien 01/85 - 05/90 Exploitation, Research and Analysis SSgt Jody
Kevin Liggins 05/1983-07/1986 548th   Daphne
Frank Lindenmeier 01/83 - 01/87 Exploitation SSgt Terry
Harry Lindquist 04/70-12/72 548 RTG, 08/70-03/71 67RTS Lab Sgt Linda
Jack Lloyd 6/79-6/84 Lab   Divorced
Joe Longo 6/69-1/71 Carthographic  SGT  
Ron Love 01/68 TO 12/71 Special Briefing Team, Photo Lab SGT Cheryl
Dave Luke 01/1968-01/1970 548TH PHOTO INTERPRETER   Madalyn  
Jack P. Lundgard Not Provided 67 RTS PI Branch   Gwen
Fred M. Luppino Not Provided 67 RTS   Susan
Andy Mackey 02/87 - 12/90 548th Exploitation SSgt Veronica
Bob Maher 67 RTS - 01/66 - 01/68     Barbara
Les Mahoney 01/80-01/82, 08/84-08/87 Collateral Exp, Exploitation, Target Materials A1C, SSgt Tammy
Josh (Forsyth) Marciel 0      
Cyd Marckmann 7/82-8/85 Briefing, Ops Sgt.  
Ron Markarian 7/78-7/80 Commander, 548 RTG Colonel Benny
Allen Marsh     SRA  
Frank R. Marsh 4/64-6/66 and 6/66-5/68 67th and 548th Planning-Research   Pat
Dave Martin 09/76-10/79 and  06/82-11/85 Group Briefing Team and Gp Operations Tech SSGT --TSGT Moon
Michael R. Martin 09/83-1186 Photo Lab, Select Print, Processing Division SGT Eldora
William B. Martin Not Provided 67 RTS PI Branch   Sumire
Steve Martz 01/77-01/81 Exploitation, Exploitation-Collateral SGT Kyong Suk
Tom Mason 4/86-4/89 Soviet Branch, Research & Analysis Div Capt  
Sean Masters 12/87 - 05/91 Exploitation Sgt Gerlinde
Al Mathene   67 RTS   Daphne
Mike Mathers 1971/12/72 67th RTS NCOIC Color Photo Lab   Teresa Mathers
Eric Mathewson 06/89 08/95 Imagery Analyst, JICPAC, SIAD - C Co 500th MI BDE SGT/E5 (Army) Tracy
Roy N. Mattke 08/62-08/65 Carto   Barbara
Pete Maughan 06/1969-06/1971 at 67th RTS, 06/71-06/75 548th 67th 548th SCIF Maj Judy Maughan
Laurel Mayer 1961-1964 67 RTS Capt Elizabeth
John McConnell 548th Not Provided   Young Ai
Samuel D. McCulloch Not Provided 67 RTS   Anita (Deceased)
Donald McDowell 06/82-06/85 Target Materials, Deputy Commander for Operations Lt/Col Kathleen
Jack McIntyre 7/80 - 7/83 67 RTS, 548 RTG Commander Colonel Alice
Mike McKee 10/68 - 8/72 548th RTG Exploitation/Charting   Ann
Scott McKenna 02/72 - 05/76 Exploitation SSgt Mary
Ron McKinney 09/81-09/84 Exploitation SRA  
Mac McMaken 071980-071983 67RTS, 548 RTG Ops Maj Marci
George McPeak MAY-61 to MAY 63 67th RTS Photo Lab   Marian
Paul Medvetz 04/1954-08/1955 ECM SSGT Joan
Howard Melching   INOTA & Hq Sq. Cmdr. Major Diana
Nick Mertes 03/80 to 03/83 Lab QA TSgt Karen
Jim Miller 8/78-8/80 China E4  
Patricia (Lewis) Miller 05/78 - 08/82 Not Provided E4  
Ray Miller 12/80-12/85 Exploitation (INOC & DOE) SSgt Kum Seok
Paul A. Mills Not Provided 67 RTS   Swan
Mike Mitchell 67 RTS - 5/69 - 5/71 Commander 67 RTS   Virginia (Ginny)
Mark Mizner 05/77-06/79 and 08/81-01/87 Not Provided SSgt, TSgt  
John A Montemerlo 11/65-11/67 67th Yokota   Kitty
Dave Morris 08/76 - 08/80 INOD SSgt Then Lisa, Now Lesley
Ford Moseley 02/68-08/71 Photo Maint, PACAF DIRP Photo Officer Capt Nancy
Mickey Mostoller  07/86-01-90 Processor Special Projects and Select Print SGT Charlie
Pat Murray 12/79-12/82 INOE & OPS SSGT  
Arthur Nichols 1965 - 1968 Photo Interpreter Sgt  
Rick Nieland 05/85 - 9/87 Exploitation SSgt USMC Susan
Andy Nieto 07/87-10/92 Training IS2  
Bob Nitzenberger 07/79-08/82 67 RTS Lab, 548 RTG Lab Civilian Sharon
Martha (Mackey) North 89-92 Exploitation Sgt  
Ben Oakes 12/85-12/89 Photo Lab Sgt June
Pat O\'Connor 12/75-09/77 548TH Special Projects, Exploitation    
Lawrence W. Odell Not Provided 67 RTS Colonel Mary
Phil Oliva 03/83-10/86 Exploitation GySgt USMC  
Steve Olmstead 05/69-05/71 67RTS worked in IT    
Mark Olsen 02/81-02/82 (Det 1, 548RTG-Osan), 03/83-12/93 (548RTG-PACAF/INY) Exploitation, Exploitation, PACAF Systems, 15TIS TSgt,SMSgt  
Dick O'Neil 6/81-6/85 Research and Analysis Center LtCol Anne
Alvin Owen 67 RTS - 01/58 - 06/62 67th Exploitation   Marilyn
Steve Pagel 06/79-05/83 Exploitation MSgt Somjit
Jim Paine 08/85 - 08/89 DOR MSGT Cathy
Amanda Park 05/89-05/92 Exploitation SrA Lu Davis
Lisa Van Huss-Parker 06/89-05/92 Not Provided SrA Gary
Ken Parman 08/87 - 07/91 Exploitation Division MSgt (E-7)  
Jon E., Parmer 11/79 to 03/82 Photo Lab, Quality Assurance SSGT  
John Pecarina 12/75 - 06/81 Not Provided TSgt Peggy
Gregg Pelleymounter 06/69-01/71   Sgt. Linda
Mike Pelto 1/68 to 5/70 Vault,Library,TTI photo prep E-3 Joyce
Bud Phelps 12/81-09/84, 05/87-12/90 DOT (ATTGs), DOT (ATTGs) SGT, SSGT Jeanne
Tim Pipes 03/80-03/83 Systems SSgt Brenda
Forrest Pitts 6/68-10/71 Library SSgt Laurie
Don Poché 10/90 - 12/91 (548th) 12/91 - 10/93 (JICPAC) Exploitation SSgt Carol
Nick Pull 12-68-5/72   Sgt  
 Edward C. Rapp  09/54-05/57  Exec Officer  1st Lt.  Mary J. Rapp (Joanne)
Joanne Rapp 09/55 - 05/57   1Lt Ed
Paul Reckoff 04/88-06/92 Orderly Room and DO SSgt Kay
Robin K. Reed 09/85-04/89 Exploitation    
J. Scott Reimer 10/87-07/91 548th    
George A Remick 06/70-07/76 ECM/Drafting A/1C Barbara
Don Repaskey 11/84-07/89 548th Exploitation TSgt Sharon
Luis Resto 03/89-06/92 548th, Photo Lab SSGT  
David M Richards 10/65-02/67 Photo Lab E-4 Sharon
Wayne Richards 12/75-08/77 Exploitation    
Art Riles 06-92/08-94 Superintendent SMSGT  
Bob Roach 67th, Yokota, 12/65-02/66; 548th, Hickam, 03/66-06/69 PI/analyst, POL targetting 2-yr Yokota assignment, became 3-mos, rest of enlistment at Hickham, completed first year college at U-Hawaii Meg
Leonard D Rodwell (ROD) JAN 1957 - DEC 1958 67 RTS, 548 RTS Power Production/Pack A/2C Diana
Clinton Rogers   SAO, Ops Tech SMSGT Nancy
Erv Rokke 67 RTS - 03/65-02/67 (67RTS) 02/67-07/68 (548RTS) Cartography and Ops   Pamela (Pam)
Dennis Sage 03/73 - 03/81 Photo Lab MSgt Georgia 
Teresa Sanchez 5/87-6/91 thru JICPAC Exploitation and CATIS/MAXI Mgr Sgt  
Dick Saunders 08/50-05/53 Photomapping & ELINT S/Sgt Michiko (Deceased)
Barry Savage 04/86 - 06/89 Research and Analysis, China Branch Capt Peggy
Derek (Schmada) Schartz 06/1990 to 09/1996 Target Graphics SRA Meg
Doug Schlappi 03/70-03/73 Photo Interpreter SSgt Katherine
John Schlimmer 03/86-12/89 Research Div (DOR) & Library/Security (SPS) MSgt Debbie
Brett Schoepflin 08/87 - 10/90 DOE - Exploitation Sgt  
Lance Schultz 04/80-04/84   Captain Lynn
Nick Scohera   Associate Member SSGT Rita
Jeff Seehase 1987-1991 Exploitation (DOE), Research (DOR) Army Sheryl
Ullrich Seike 05/72 - 06/81 Photo Lab TSGT Judy
Jim Sertich 04/87-04/90 Data Base Management Sgt Rita
Mary Shaffer 09/79-09-82 & 09/87-09/91 Exploitation SSgt & TSgt  
Ken Sharkey 04/1982 - 02/1989 DOD Database Msgt  
Randy Sharpe 04/86 - 05/89 Exploitation, for Doug Arnold Sgt "Neveragain"
Paul S Shatzley n/a   WW2  
Alick A. Shirley III Not Provided 67 RTS   June
Norman Wayne Simpson 01/59-01/62 07/63-07/66 Carto/Compiler-Cart EDIT SSGT Billie(Deceased)
C Skelley 08/87-02/91 Exploitation Sgt Denise
Bruce Skinner 03/72-07/75, 09/76-08/80 Exploitation   Mary Lou
Brad Slaugh 05/88-02/91 Target Materials   Debbie
William Snyder 06/54 - 05/56 548th RTS Cartography   Leandra \"Lee\"
Brian Solletti 10/87-10/90 DOT SGT Yanna
Jim Spencer Not Specified Exploitation MSgt Susan
Karl Spencer 12/81-01/84 DOTM (ATTG's) SRA Molly
JoAnn (Nagy) Spiridigliozzi 10/76-7/82 Orderly Room SSgt Tony
Kevin Springer 03/86 - 07/91 Lab TSgt Cindy
John Kipp 8/70-12/72 Photo Lab Sgt  
Randy Staggs 06/87-10/93 Spec Ops cell SSG  
Jerry 09/85-07/92 548th Target Materials and Systems MSgt Rosemary
Hobie Statzer 1971-1975 Lab   Winnie
Walter Stevens   73-74 Commander Colonel  
Elton Stokes 01/72-06/75 Exploitation TSgt Bernice
Tracey (Hough) Sullivan 01/86-08/90 Exploitation Sgt  
Craig Sweet 06/81-06/84 Graphics MSgt Elizabeth
Steve Swift JICPAC 10/94 - 10/97 (Associate Member) Superintendent, INI SMSgt Susan
Tim Tady 03/81 - 03/85 Exploitation SSG Angie
Ivan Talley 08/82-07/84 Priority Exploitation SSGT Sheila
Gary Taylor 12/70-09/73 Exploitation & Research Support Sgt. Heidi
Gil Taylor 67th RTS May 1965 until May 1968 67 RTS Capt Cynthia
Kelly Tellez (McBride) 01/01/1989 - Exploitation SSgt Mark Tellez
Betty Terrill 7/63 - 7/67 67 RTS Wife   John "Tex" (Deceased)
Frenchie Thomas  07/66-07/69 Graphics SSgt Melanie
Tom Thompson 12/51-03/54 PI    Donna L
James "JT" Tigue   Exploitation/distribution SrA Penelope
Cliff Tine 68-70 NRTSC Not Provided (Navy)  
Bob Touchston 80-82 INOE 702 SRA Diana
Dave Tressler 11/76-11/80 Target Materials Sgt Cyndi
Scott Tribolet 05/87-06/91 Exploitation SSgt  
Jack Tubert 07/76 - 07/78 Orderly Room TSgt Maureen
Rob Turner  06/88-06/91 Target Materials SGT Michelle
Lou (T) Tyrombley 09/72-09/76 Lab SSgt Pat
Mike Vale 05/1966-12/1968 Photo Interpreter, Laos Sgt Laura
Joe Van Buren 10/87-10/91 Admin SSgt Ranee
Barry Vanderpool 03/85-03/88 Exploitation A1C Kathy
Ted VanHouten 06/87-10/93 IBM Systems Database TSgt Maria
Russ Vaughan 07/87-12/01 Exploitation Sgt Michele
Don Waddell 03/87-07/92 Target Materials Major Jane
Dan Waddle 75-76 Commander Colonel Beverly
Wayne D. Wainright 05/68 - 06/70 Administration Office E4 Thoma M. Wainright
Don Walker 67RTS, 06/63-06/65, 548th, 04/65-06/66, 07/77-05/83 Exploitation, Exploitation, Exploitation MSgt Dorothy
Samuel Walker 03/71-04/73 Exploitation Sgt Janet
Nancy Walters Not Provided   Not Provided  
Chuck Weaver 02/82-08/87 DORC (Research & Analysis, Soviet/Far East Branch) CMSgt Hue (pronounced "way")
Tim Welch 07/85-07/88 548th RTG, precision, special projects, chem mix   Nancy
Joe Weller 08/76 - 07/79, 02/86-12/87 IPAC-Daily Briefing Team, Intel (Film) Library TSGT Lauretta
Jim Wells 10/68-12/71 Target Materials (TTI), Imagery Exploitation (PI) SSgt Valerie
Ricardo Wesley 03/1982-02-1985 Lab Not Provided  
Barbara Wheeler 06/87-06/91 DOE/QC SSgt, SSgt Greg Sweetman
Frank White   67 RTS   Dorothy
Daryl Whitney 11/78 -02/91 Library/SSO Pacific MSgt  
Dennis Whittaker 10/68-01/72 Photo Interpreter SGT Mary Jane
Mary Jane (Ogilvie) Whittaker 01/69-03/71 Admin. Messaging Center SSgt Dennis Whittaker
John Wickman  10/85 - 9/89 Exploitation SSGT Nancy
Carl T. Wiles Not Provided 67 RTS   Amy
Fred Wiles 10/85-03/88 Exploitation SRA Jill
Lynn A Wilhelm Nov 77-Nov 82 LAB MSgt  
Bill Willard 10/65 - 02/69 Photo Intel, Library Sgt Sue
Susie Willard 2/68 - 5/70 Admin-Commanders Office E4 Bill
James Wilson 10/84 and 12/1988   SSgt  
Kevin Wooton 01/88-6/91 Research & Analysis (Soviet Far East Branch), Exploitation Captain Elizabeth
Ronald Young 05/85-06/88 DOR - Target Materials Division   Elise
Jim Zellmer 06/76-06/79 Exploitation TSgt Connie
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