548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association

Group Photos 2 (Newest)

548 RTG Target Materials Division 1977, Not in order:  David Tressler, Lana Brewer (Samuelson) Richard Brickey, John Kramer, Steve Green, Jerry Strohm, Kerry McBroom Jr, Dave Martin, Stacy Franz, Dave Brown, Paul Hoffman, Benny Gomes, Squadron Leader Bertram, Dave Annette, Kathy Tom (Sergent later), Dan Floyd and Roy Jones. (Photo courtesy of Ben Gomes)

548 RTS Reunion in Denver 2009 (Photo courtesy of Tom Thompson)

Group photo Det 1 67th RTS, Hickam AFB, Det 1 67 RTS became the 548th RTS 
 (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

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