548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association

67th People

1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics, the guys in the picture and a few others wanted keepsakes of the Olympics so they acquired this flag and a few Japanese flags almost causing an international incident.  All the flags were returned, airman not charged, all forgiven.  I bought an Olympic patch so was safe. I took the picture while they were celebrating before we got the word give it back or else. (Photo courtesy of David Richards)

1965, SSgt Jim Reek (Photo Lab) out the back gate in Fussa (Photo courtesy of David Richards)

David Richards celebrating his 21st birthday 3/20/65 with friends on the Ginza. (Photo courtesy of David Richards)

April 1971 Fuji Flyer

January 1971 Aloha Japan

November 1970

July 1970 

September 1970 Diet Tour


June 1969


Christmas 1968

October 1968

July 1968

May 1968

March 1968, Cecil Brown



September 1966 Fuji Climb

1965 John Paulman Birthday

1965 Pete and Sally Preston, Martha and Roy Cottrell

1985 Les Audrey and Family


December 1964 Wives Club

1964 Fumiko Fisher bridal shower


January 1964 Photo Winners

August 1963 Martha Cottrell baby shower

1963 Russan


1961 Supply


1961 Imperial Hotel

January 1961

1960 Chaplin

Roy Cottrell, Martha and Cathy

Carl and Amy Wiles

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