548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association

548th at play

First ever Recce golf trip to Kauai, 1978.  The culprits in this photo, the best Andy Anderson can remember:  Front row, left to right: John (Andy) Anderson, Bob (Big Foot) Todd, Curt (Julio) Hollis, poor unfortunate flight lady, Jim Moore, Dan Grewey. Very staggering back row: Jack Arnold, Scotty Zilm, The one and only Roger Cox (RC1). This trip started a tradition. Island Air will never be the same.  (Photo courtesy of Andy Anderson)

Paintball, Tom Archer, Chris Biskup, Jim Rees, Mike Gross, Andy Gaudreau, Bill Grzeskowiak (Gunny Ski), Jim Sertich, James Wilson, Fred Hoover, George Anthony, Mark DeNunzio  (Photo courtesy of Chris Goetz's Facebook page)

The 1986 4th of July Picnic Bellows Beach. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Golf get away Kauai 1985.  Mike Gross and Doug Arnold. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Molokai golf get away 1988 - Mary Johnson and Jody Lien. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Molokai golf get away 1988.  In this photo: Mary Johnson, Barbara Clogston Arnold, Tom Archer, Doug Arnold, Terry Deininger, Becky Archer, Susan Best, Willie Johnson, Ski (Bill) Grzeskowiak, John Lien, Bobby Grey, Jody Lien. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Pro Bowl 1987, in photo Doug Arnold and Rich LaRoche. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Pro bowl tailgate party 1987 Doug and Barbara Arnold. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

Deep sea fishing trip with Lt Chris Lewis, Capt Mark Bernier and Lt Nate Copeland (Photo courtesy of Nate Copeland)

Fishing Trip, Lt Wooten in the chair and Lt Chris Stafford standing by with the Ahi on deck. (Photo courtesy of Nate Copeland)

Band we put together for the Hail and Farewell for Col Benson (Col Boaso was then the incoming commander).  The name of the band was the “Recce Techs”.  Nate Copeland on trumpet, Nancy Walters is on Tenor Sax….and I don’t recall the rest of the group. (Photo courtesy of Nate Copeland)

“Recce Techs”.  (Photo courtesy of Nate Copeland)

Bldg. 1815 Residents Mike Harbin, Al Marsh, and Mickey Samuels hiking Waimea Falls, September 1989.

Scott Reimer, Pam Nevitt, Erik Hickman, ** (Name removed by request), Ben Cramer, and Keith Haessly viewing a solar eclipse on Sand Island, 11 July 1991.  The eclipse proved to be a bad omen -- 548th member Todd Lawrence left the islands that day, followed shortly thereafter by Pam, Ben, and Joe Pashen. And the 548th had just closed its doors. July 1991 was one lousy month. (Photo Courtesy of Allen Marsh)

548th Softball Game Benchwarmer, William Grzeskowiak (Gunny Ski)), Randy Sharpe, Benjamin Gomes (Photos courtesy of Jim Sertich Facebook page)

 Sailing, great day! Best sailboat ride still, In this photo: Mark DeNunzio, Teresa Sanchez, Frank Highsmith (Frank's Boat) (Photo courtesy of Kristine Goetz, 548th RTG Facebook page)

Pro Bowl Warm Up, Ben Gomes  (Photo courtesy of Kristine Goetz, 548th RTG Facebook page)

Ulchi Focus Lens, Andy Gaudreau, Dan Kolcun, Benny Gomes, Chip Lane, and Kristine Goetz...shopping and being in the hood. (Photo courtesy of Kristine Goetz, 548th RTG Facebook page)

Pro Bowl.  In this photo: Cue Tip, Jody Lien, Doug Arnold, Terry Deininger, Bill Grzeskowiak, Ben H. Oakes (Photo courtesy of Terry Deininger's Facebook Page)

Pro Bowl, Hawaii, 1987, the crowd.  In this photo:  Ben Oakes, Shelly Janssen, Terry Deininger  (Photo courtesy of Terry Deininger's Facebook Page)

Col McIntyre and Major Howard drinking cold ones at the 548th 4th of July Picnic at Bellows. (Photo Courtesy of Garnett Howard)

After a hard day of catfishing at Nuuana Reservoir, Todd Knight, Charlie Wapples, Tony Jackson, Doug Zimmer, Billy Forsyth, Bill Forsyth, and ??? (Photo courtesy of TJ Jackson)

First trip to WAR! U of H vs 548RTG, Paintball!!  In photo Walter Finney Wood, Ben H. Oakes, and James Rees (Photo courtesy of Ben H. Oakes)   


Deep Sea Fishing (1980):  (L-R) Back - Grady Clark
                             Front - ?, Joe Herold, Bill Germer, Tom Geaghan, Steve Pagel, Pat Murray.  (Photo courtesy of Bill Germer)

Farewell Party (1986):  A guy named Beatty (sp), a great artist, made this flyer for Bill Germer and Mark Mizner's going away party.  It was a great party at Hickam Harbor, and a blast was had by all.  It was so good, and captured our caricatures so well, Bill kept it  (Provided by Bill Germer)
Steve Pagel bird hunting at Kaena Point (Photo courtesy of Steve Pagel)
Bill Forsyth (Note "Birth Control" Glasses) and Lee Witt bird hunting at Kaena Point (Photo courtesy of Steve Pagel)

548th RTG At Play

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