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548th Sports 2 (Newest)

1990 poster for the annual 4th of July Picnic relay race from Hickam to Bellows by Chip Stewart of the Photo Lab (Courtesy of Connie Calvin)

Soft Ball Team (Names from Steve Clark)  Back row: R-L Mike Gross, Tom Shields, Jerry Larsen, Ken Nelson, Steve Clark, Unk, George Greenia, Danny Van Zant, Rich LaRoche.  back row also... Jerry Larson, Tom Shields, Mike Gross, front is Gary McDougal, Scott Bixler, Mike Toth, Jimmy Raines, Doug Arnold and Joe Lennicx and Steve Clark with silly assed sunglasses on... hahaha  (Photo courtesy of Barbara Arnold)

The following sports articles from the 'Falcon" in 1971 and 1972 were provided by Jay Johnson.

548 RTS Volleyball team at practice (Photo courtesy of Dave Richards)

Chris handing off to Melissa Gorsuch during Bellows Relay Race, held each year prior to the 548th 4th of July Picnic  (Courtesy of Melissa's Facebook Page)

John Lien hands off to Melissa Gorsuch  during Bellows Relay Race (Courtesy of Melissa's Facebook Page)

548 RTS bowling team (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS bowling team (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

548 RTS:  Det 1 67th Volleyball team (Courtesy of Dave Richards)

The below two photos and captions are from the 548th Facebook Page

Bobby Galagher aboard the Jerimiah with our Captain and Pilot, John Fairbank. We won the 1984 Honolulu Yacht Club Points Trophy

 J Scott Reimer, Mark Babcock, Jeff Krecker, Patrick Alexander

Additional photos from membes and Facebook

548th RTG, 1971 Base Football Champions 
Kneeling L/R:  Gerry Hassing (DB), Dave Reynolds (RB), Jim Rains (DB), Bill Honnig (DB), Ben Junsay (DB), Louie Carrejo (QB), Jay Johnson (DE/PK), Rich Keener (QB), Bob Dooley (DB/WR)
Standing L/R:  Phil Gerg (Coach, Col Davidson (Commander), Paul Bankes (OT), Mike Simpson (RB), Jim Fink (DE/LB), Paul Fremstad (NG), Daave Miller (WR/P), Jim Pemberton (OT), Ron Clarkson (WR), Ted Daily (DE), Col Creighton (Dep Commander), Mike Banks (RB)
Not Pictured:  Jim Wells (LB/PK) and Bruce Fenstermacher (??)
 (Courtesy of Jay Johnson)

548th RTG, 1972 Base Footbal Champions
Standing L/R:  Bill Johnston (OT), Joe Romo (Trainer), Dave Miller (WR/P), Mike Simpson (RB), Jim Pemberton (OT), Jim Kipp (WR/QB), Jay Johnson (DE/PK), Ed Neel (QB), Jim Fink (DE), Bruce Fenstermacer (C/DT), Rick Payne (DT), Phil Gerg (Coach)
Seated L/R:  Vern Mastin (DB, Carl Byrd (DB), Dave Reynolds (RB), Col. Fitzgerald (Commander), Rudy Gable (DE/K), Tony King (S), Joe Lennicx (MLD)
Kneeling L/R)  Willie Powell (DT/WR), Jim Rains (S), Pete Vozella (RB)
Not Pictured:  Steve Umland (C), Daryl Pierson (DB), Paul Bankes (OT) 
 (Courtesy of Jay Johnson)

November 1972, 33 yard fleld goal (3-0 win over 619th Squadron)
548th players in photo:  #72 kicker Jay Johnson, holder John Kipp, Dave Miller (on far right in photo, in dark sweat pants), Paul Bankes (Right Tackle, hands on hips), Jim Pemberton (Face next to goal post)  (Courtesy of Jay Johnson)

October 1972, 25 yard field goal
548th players in photo:  #73 Jay Johnson, John Kipp (holder), #24 Mike Simpson  (Courtesy of Jay Johnson)

Hawaiian Falcon article on 1972 intramural flag football championship won by the 548th RTG.  Jay Johnson was wearing his Chicago Blackhawkes jersey for good luck, he guessed it worked.  (Courtesy of Jay Johnson)

Undated Hawaiian Falcon Article  (Courtesy of Jay Johnson)

November 5, 1971 Hawaiian Falcon Article  (Courtesy of Jay Johnson)

December 10, 1971 Hawaiian Falcon Article  (Courtesy of Jay Johnson)

548th Sports Story (Courtesy of Jay Johnson)

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