548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association

2018 Reunion Survey

2018 Reunion Survey
Dayton, Ohio
July 12 - 14

(Please fill out all of the survey
even if you are a maybe for attending)


Name (Last, First) :
Will you be attending the reunion (Yes or Maybe) :
How many in your party :
Are you willing to volunteer to drive one of the 15-passenger vans Friday and Saturday? :
We will have 3 15-passenger vans for transport during the reunion.  We will wave
the $50 reunion registration fee for the drivers

Name you want on your name tag and the name tags of others in your party, even if you are a might attend:
Email Address:
Cell Phone:
Will you be staying at the Hope Hotel?:
Will you have a vehicle?:
Choice of drinks at hospitality suite:
How many will be eating with the group at the no host social and dinner at Packy's in the hotel Thursday night?:
Thursday about 1700, No host social and dinner Packy's Restaurant at hotel, 
See the Reunion Information page for the menu.
How many will you be riding the van to the Air Force Museum tours?:
0745 Friday vans depart hotel for the National Museum of the USAF (NMUSAF) 
Names of those needing a wheel chair or scooter at the museum Friday, which one needed?:
Names of those needing a wheel chair or scooter at the museum Friday, which
one needed.  Scooters are restricted to the inside of the museum, wheel chairs
are OK to the museum garden where the bench is located.  They are first come,
first served, we will be arriving 30 minutes before opening so it won't be a
problem on arrival.

How many will be going on the SR-71 rails down tour Friday?  50 maximum, taken in order of sign up if over 50:
0800 Friday       NMUSAF - SR-71 “Rails Down” Special Guided Tour (50 max), our
Dayton organizers are working to see if we can go over the 50 limit, if not, getting
a second guide for the intelligence tour.  They are doing this "ropes down" before
the museum opens to the public, so there is not time for two groups at the SR-71
How many plan to go on the guided intelligence tour?:
0900-1030 Friday   NMUSAF - Guided “Intelligence Tour” featuring NRO exhibits
(KH7, KH-8, and KH-9)
How many will be attending the Memorial Bench dedication Friday?:
1045-1130 Friday  NMUSAF Auditorium - 548/67 Memorial Dedication Commentary,
with honor guard and posting of the colors.   
1145-1215   NMUSAF Memorial Park – Bench presentation; Photo Ops, 
How many attending no host lunch at the hotel on Friday?:
1230 Friday   Depart NMUSAF for Hope Hotel; no host lunch buffet, cost of the 
buffet will be about $11.
How many attending the business meeting and presentations?:
1400 Friday  Hope Hotel Suite – Business Meeting, 
1445  67 RTS to 548RTG; Story of Transition presented by Ken Kelly,
1530  Modern Reconnaissance –  Advent of Commercial Imagery presented by
Jeff Seehase,
1600 Getting to Know Our Guest – The story of “German Boy”
Wolfgang W.E. Samuel, Col USAF (Ret)
How many attending the banquet Friday night? :
1825 Friday Banquet facility opens for socializing,
1900-2200   Banquet featuring Col (Ret) Samuel with tales of Cold War
Reconnaissance and Intelligence.   
Buffet diner, See the Reunion Information page on our website for the menu.
If your whole group is not attending the banquet, provide names of those attending:

How many eating the buffet (Prime Rib and Chicken Supreme)?:    
Names of anyone wanting a vegetarian plate instead of the buffet:
Vegetarian plate available on request.
How many going on the trip to Carillon Park?: 
How many will be riding the van to Carillon Park
How many eating the No Host lunch at Carillon Brewing Company on site (www.carillonbrewingco.org) :

0930-1230 Guided Tours Carillon Park (2 Groups)

1230-1400 No Host lunch at Carillon Brewing Company on site 

Will you be golfing Saturday afternoon and how many?:
1400 Saturday  Golf – nine holes W-P Golf Club; clubs and carts available for rent
Will you need a ride to golf and how many, hopefully we can ride share?:
Number eating dinner at the hotel Saturday with the group.:
1700-???  Saturday   No host dinner and socializing; Hospitality Suite open

Note:  The ":" after the narratives to the left are there to make it easier to transfer your information
to a spreadsheet, please do not use any in your responses.

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